ALSD Announces Added Value Programs

The Association of Luxury Suite Directors is expanding its services by adding a broad reaching array of products and services for members. 

"These are programs that have been developing in the background for some time now," says Bill Dorsey, chairman of the ALSD.  The added value programs are intended to provide teams with an arsenal of new products for their premium customer base.

"It's really a food court of menu options that teams can shop for," says Dorsey.  "I believe these are the kinds of programs that Chief Revenue Officers or Fan/Guest Experience Managers should take a close look at. They tie into retention and renewal programs as well as sponsorship and fan experience programs.  Each program has a specific purpose and each program drives revenue back to the team.  Much of the labor intensive nature of these programs has been already made available through the ALSD.

Among the programs offered:

Renewal and Retention Added Value: Suite Branding and Identification Program

This is an End User Renewal and Retention program that allows the corporate suiteholder to brand their own suite and thereby take ownership of their space in venues.  The ALSD is partnering with 3M on the roll out of this national program that will allow teams to provide a better ROI for corporations. 

"Corporations are demanding more these days for their premium seat expenditures," says Dorsey.  "The people who entertain the boxes now need to justify their buy. Corporations care less about what teams are selling them these days than their own Return on Investment or their Return on Objectives or a new one I heard the other day, 'Return on Event.' says Dorsey.

The program is beautifully controlled by 3M who has created an interactive pull and drag web site that will allow teams/venues/clients to design their own suite spaces.  The program is called Suite Wraps and for more information and it is a collaborative renewal/retention program developed by 3M with ALSD's input. 


Sanctioned Suite Resale


Teams and Venues are more focused than ever on driving suite revenue and renewals. At the same time, Suite Leaseholders are facing increased scrutiny on their entertainment budgets.

To aid Teams and Venues in their revenue and retention goals, Suite Experience Group has built a platform to allow controlled suite resale, where Teams and Venues set the rules.

To learn more about Suite Experience Group’s Team Solutions, visit them here.

Ticket Season Ticket Financing Program

Do you work with Ticket Brokers? Do You Need to Sell More Tickets?

The ALSD has officially partnered with EF Financial to finance ticket purchases for secondary ticket sales organizations.  The alliance is an acknowledgment of the importance of secondary market sales to many teams that already work with many brokers and markets.

“There was a time when secondary ticket market companies were viewed as competition for the primary sales channels,” says Bill Dorsey, chairman of the ALSD.  “The nature of season ticket sales is changing, and fan-to-fan commerce, many fans are going to secondary sites as their first choice. Teams are realizing that the competition is really more of a collaboration, and secondary ticket companies, over the past 15 years, have created entirely new network sales channels outside the primary markets," says Dorsey.  "Teams can tap into these channels by working with them."

“I want to stress this is not for every team and every market,” says Dorsey.   "This is not for sold out venues which would do better to work with dynamic ticketing perhaps.” 

The system works very simply:

  1. EF Financial provides capital for secondary companies to purchase ticket inventory from teams.
  2. Cash is given to the teams upfront. Teams provide tickets for the brokers who purchase the tickets. EF Financial is asking for a 2.5% “credit card discount” for all purchases of tickets.  Group sales – which often allow discounts versus season ticket sales – is eligible to participate.  
  3. If for any reason, the broker who receives the tickets default on their loan back to EF, the company asks that teams simply cancel remaining bar codes for tickets and re-issue back to teams. Teams have received monies for the purchase of tickets already. The is no financial risk to the teams.


For more information on any of these unique programs, contact:             

Pat McCaffrey
VP/Business Development 
10017 McKelvey Road
Cincinnati, OH  45231
513 674 0555 ext. 106