ALSD Training Center

The ALSD Training Center

An online assembly of articles, webinars, podcasts, and other features promoting best practices in the areas of sales, service, and leadership. To create this collection of content, the ALSD enlists the help of several thought leaders, inclusive of all industry points of view, trainers, and executive coaching partners who help sales and service professionals drive increased revenues, create positive business outcomes, and grow more prosperous careers throughout changes in the industry, economy, and the wider world around us.

COVID-19 Kit

Taking Notes: Connecting Despite Social Distancing

As our venues sit dormant, our suites and seats empty, the corporate hospitality industry yearns to connect. And so, the ALSD set out to help.

Turning the Page on Premium Guest Service

Becky Coffey, Candy Fuzesy, and Kristin Miller share service initiatives their organizations are delivering to premium customers while the games are paused.

Multi-Use + Flexibility in Today’s Venues

Chris Holdsworth, Mike Kitts, and Brett Unzicker detail the industry’s shift from a sports-first approach in our venues to one, aided by technology, optimizing revenue and performance for all live events.

Sales Training

Best Practices for Handling a COVID-19 Sales Objection

Learn, practice, and master four steps to overcome coronavirus-related objections by clarifying them, honing in, and offering creative solutions.

Are You Focused on the Rearview Mirror or the Road Ahead?

Now isn’t the time to wait and see or to refer back to past useful strategies. It’s the time to evolve and create the future of sports sales.

What to Sell When You Don't Know What to Sell

Revisit this online town hall event, where sports sales trainers assist sales pros with questions about how to appropriately sell during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Service Training

Understand How Data and Analytics Support the Customer Experience

Customer service must be thought of holistically. The days of it being just a call center to help resolve issues and answer questions are over.

The Art of Elite Service: Keeping Fans in Stands in Changing Times

Another challenge to fan engagement has arrived. Hear an honest perspective and proven solutions to keep fans in stands after COVID-19 and in all changing times.

Preparing and Planning During Uncertain Times

As we move through these uncertain times, now more than ever, we need our teams to help us overcome the stress and fear of the unknown.

Leadership Training

Right People/Right Seat: Do You Have the Best Team to Succeed?

Discover a simple exercise to quickly identify gaps in employees and either coach them on desired behaviors or part ways if a fit cannot be realized.

The 7-Step Crisis and Opportunity Leadership Strategy

We always need great leaders. Learn pro tips to better lead your team through the COVID-19 situation while keeping an eye on future opportunities.

Transitioning to a Digital Workspace

Learn some quick tips to help your team work from home. Help them find a new routine, establish a communications cadence, and then make the client the hero of your story.