Baltimore Ravens Follow Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Lower Concessions Prices

When Mercedes-Benz Stadium announced its “Fan First” food and beverage pricing in the new Atlanta venue, many in the sports industry wondered if the model could be duplicated elsewhere.

Well, we’re going to find out during the 2018 NFL season.

The Baltimore Ravens are introducing a similar initiative, “Flock Friendly Fare”, at M&T Bank Stadium. Twenty-one menu items will be sold this upcoming season at 33% lower prices on average, including $3 hot dogs and $5 domestic beers.

The hope is that cheaper food encourages fans, particularly families, to attend more games, where they might have been priced out from doing so in previous seasons.

The major difference between M&T Bank Stadium and Mercedes-Benz Stadium that warrants observation is the fact that M&T Bank Stadium is not a new facility. It was easier for the Atlanta Falcons to install a plan for cheaper concessions because it could concurrently design the infrastructure capable of handling higher volumes on gameday. The Ravens don’t have that same opportunity in an existing building not originally designed for such foodservice. How the Ravens are able to engineer their kitchen and pantry setups, as well as their concourse layouts, will be just as much a part of any success as the food prices.


The Baltimore Sun
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