The changes that will most impact ticketing strategies in 2019

Sports ticketing innovations will change not only the way fans buy tickets, but also the way tickets are utilized in 2019. Five trends to watch include:

Online ticket purchasing will overshadow traditional models. Online ticketing offers buyers a streamlined process.

Ticket sales strategies will move away from endless phone calls. Studies show the likeliness of consumers to answer calls from unknown numbers continues to plummet.

Membership and subscription ticketing services will add convenience and reduce emotional barriers to purchasing tickets.

2019 will mark the end to the novelty of paper tickets. Venues will expand facial recognition and mobile device capabilities to streamline distribution and intensify security protocols.

Venues will focus on who sells their tickets, not where they sell them. Third-party ticketing platforms are not the problem in sports. The concern is pricing and distribution, so 2019 calls for a streamlined ticketing strategy focused on who is selling, not where.


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