Christopher Wise

Christopher Wise
Executive Director
Designsensory Intelligence/Ignite

With his unquenchable thirst for knowledge about the why of human purchasing/engagement behavior, Chris has focused on his real passion—research & intelligence— for forty plus years. Through thousands of investigative hours as a professional certified moderator he has conducted focus groups, individual in-depth interviews and two- and three-person micro groups. Additionally, his work includes hundreds of quantitative and hybrid studies and embraces the best technology to ensure quality intelligence to drive quality business decisions.

All his work provides vital market information to strategically-focused organizations—fields ranging from tourism to healthcare, economic development to financial services and boating to auto racing and football.

And all of these categories are touched by the in-depth primary research studies he is conducting around true inclusivity. Passion sparks his engine to be a catalyst for cultural change. Showing how and why, through critical insights, an open mind and willingness to grasp the importance of inclusivity at every level – at every fan touchpoint – matters. Illuminating how sincere DEI&A strategies make a difference to the bottom line by lifting human and social capital.

He is the driving force at Designsensory for digging deeply into understanding and sharing how sports teams and venues can benefit from the power of true inclusivity.

Firmly committed to community service, through his professional career he has made it a point to serve on and lead the boards of social nonprofits. Including work with the homeless, faith-based organizations and intellectually disabled. He graduated from the University of Missouri majoring in Marketing and Economics, holds advanced research certifications, is past president of two professional organizations, has been inducted into the Hall of Fame and awarded the Silver Medal from the American Advertising Federation for his achievements within the community and the industry.