Dallas Cowboys Again Ranked World’s Most Valuable Sports Team

Despite immense global following, no soccer club top tops the US’s Dallas Cowboys franchise value. 

With the end of the World Cup, a lot of the world’s attention has been focused on soccer. Being such an international sport, it makes sense that three of the top four most valuable teams in the world are soccer clubs.

But the Dallas Cowboys take the number one spot for the most valuable sports team for the third year in a row. They are valued at 4.8 billion dollars, with AT&T Stadium bringing in $100 million from premium and club seating and $150 million in sponsorships. It is estimated that only 33% of their valuation comes from actually playing games on the field, and that they generate $896 million from branding.

Sports franchises are doing historically well, with the top 50 teams all valued somewhere above $1.95 billion in 2018, which is $200 million more than 2017. 29 of the top 50 teams are NFL, despite recent publicity issues with the national anthem protests and awareness on concussions. Sponsorships and media are on the rise for the NFL, including a new partnership with Pizza Hut. Also making the top 50 are the New York Yankees and the New York Knicks. The biggest mover was the Rockets, going up 14 spots, and the biggest fall was the New York Jets, going down 8 spots to number 21. These values are based on enterprise values (equity plus debt) based on current venue deals unless there is a new venue on the horizon.

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