English Park, Home of Virginia Tech Baseball, Adds Fan and Team Amenities

Virginia Tech is in the process of renovating its baseball field, English Park. The $18 million renovation has installed an updated entrance, grandstand, and press box tower, in addition to new premium seats. Also part of the project, pre-existing storage space has been transformed into a home locker room, team meeting room, and a trainer’s room.

The grandstand now includes 1,135 chair-back seats, an additional 135 seats from the old grandstand. Those seats are now bigger and equipped with cupholders. There are currently 20 hospitality tables located among three levels along the first baseline, and Virginia Tech plans to add 20 more tables in the next few years.

The new press box tower also includes four luxury suites, which have already been sold for $12,500 apiece.


The Roanoke Times
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