ESPN Launches App to Combat Cord-Cutting Threats


In April, ESPN launched a new app named ESPN+ as its next innovation in sports coverage. The network is struggling to maintain its viewership and audience as more subscribers are cord-cutting nationally. ESPN+ is an effort to sustain the same level of energy with the next generation of sports fans that it has with the current one. However, management claims it is not important for the app to generate revenue in the near future, but rather serve as a safety net in case the traditional cable bundle continues its collapse.

The current ESPN app prioritizes scores, news, and highlights, and also has a tab for cable television subscribers to watch ESPN. The new app will contain three integrated parts: news and scores, live events, and shows that are on ESPN’s television channels and ESPN+. Although the ESPN+ subscription is less expensive than most other streaming services at $4.99 per month, its largest drawback is that it won’t show anything available live on ESPN’s television channels, meaning no Sunday Night Football, Sunday Night Baseball, or NBA games.


The New York Times
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