Fundraising a Possibility for Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University hints at future fundraising efforts to upgrade football facilities. Although the university is in the midst of a $600 million capital campaign, no athletic facilities are included on the project. Vanderbilt Stadium has gone without a renovation since 1981 while the rest of the SEC has experienced a venue renovation since 2006. As Vanderbilt contemplates a renovation, there are a number of comparable renovations around the country. TCU’s $100 million stadium renovation is scheduled for completion in 2019, including two levels of premium spaces. The levels include a large club space, a wide range of premium options, and a year-round event space. Old Dominion also has a $65 million renovation set for completion in 2019. This renovation involved a fan survey to enhance the fan experience and while include replacing both grandstands and concourse areas. Duke, Colorado State, Louisville, Middle Tennessee, Western Kentucky, Florida Atlantic, Houston, and a few others have also experienced relevant renovations to a future Vanderbilt project.

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