ISBI 360 Virtual Training, Sales & Recruitment Network

Bill Guertin
Chief Learning Officer and SVP, Business Development
Corporate Address:
10000 Marshall Drive, #47
Lenexa, KS 66215

ISBI 360 is a talent development company that provides specific, targeted people solutions for the business side of professional sports and entertainment.  We work with teams, leagues and venues to bring industry-specific training, ticket sales, and sales talent recruitment to help them adapt to the new realities of the business.  

Our 3 core services include:

  • ISBI 360 Virtual Training Network, the new “Gold Standard” in industry-specific virtual training with (11) targeted programs in sales, service, sponsorship, leadership, and many more;
  • ISBI 360 Virtual Sales Network, the “Rent-a-Rep” program that brings immediate short-term ticket sales talent to an organization AND develops them for long-term success; and
  • ISBI 360 Recruitment Network, a unique talent pool of trained, road-ready ticket sales reps that member clubs and venues can hire into full-time positions, either virtual or in-house.   

Our leading-edge training programs are “stickier” than traditional in-person training methodologies.  We use an effective combination of virtual and live methods, including specific curriculums of “Micro-Learning” videos, live role play videos recorded using the participants’ own video cameras, and weekly live Coaches’ Corner sessions that include an industry professional to answer questions and keep each participant on track. 

Our “Rent-a-Rep” model is a cost-effective answer to the challenges of finding and keeping good ticket sales talent.  Our unique training system prepares reps for the task of short-term (90-day) virtual sales assignments from their homes; these reps are constantly trained and coached during their team assignment by a professional sports sales trainer, giving them real-world sales experience while they develop their skills.

After their initial training and their 90-day assignment with a team, each rep becomes eligible to be recruited (hired) full-time.  This eliminates the guesswork of hiring an unknown quantity and allows the team to make a hiring decision based on real-world skills and results vs. hearsay, significantly increasing their chance of success and minimizing the cost of a bad sales hire.     
Many teams have used more than one of our programs simultaneously, to train the staff they have and to supplement their ticket sales staff with our “Rent-a-Rep” and recruitment programs.  

For a brief demo of our programs, please contact Mackie Feierstein, Vice President of Business Development, at