Jason Sada

Jason Sada, CEO, Sports Academy Venture Lab
Sports Academy Venture Lab
Jason Sada is the CEO of the Sports Academy Venture Lab.  A company with locations in both the Dallas and Los Angeles areas.  Sports Academy Venture Lab was established to identify and accelerate the growth of innovative human performance products and companies.  He has over 20 years of experience as a technology executive, spanning Fortune 500 through to early-stage startup companies, most recently focused on launching/scaling human performance and sports tech companies.  
Within human performance, Jason has led companies focused on human cognition, working with thousands of elite athletes through engagements with professional/college teams and human performance labs, including the human performance lab at GSK in London, England. This work created the model of the ‘Athletic Brain’, a foundation of cognitive skills that define a roadmap for elite human performance.  This work has been featured in several sports performance books, and covered in media platforms spanning USA Today to ESPN to Wired.