Kathy Burrows

Kathy Burrows
Chief Innovation and Energy Officer
Sold Out Seating (SOS)

SOS was created in 2002. Starting her career as a Registered Nurse, Burrows' last year of nursing school was a year of developing strategy, team building, leadership training, and business management which she has developed into a program for growing sports teams. 

Kathy used this background and had a successful career with the Cleveland Indians where she was responsible for 2/3 of the total ticket revenue brought into the organization. She returned to consult with them for a year and a half focusing on 4 departments, and helping them increase revenue by more than $6.5M over premium, groups, inside sales and season.  

Kathy has assisted teams of all leagues, including a year and a half with MSG, and nearly 5 years with the WNBA. She has helped start teams from the ground up. Kathy focuses on working with teams to take their sales staff to new levels through strategy and process, as well as Leadership workshops to grow and develop young leaders. She unleashes the creative and the strategy for teams to be successful in the 20's 

With more than 2000 sales tips articles to her credit, she is the author of Potato Chip Ticket Sales and Potato Chip Leadership and is currently working on her third book. She also hosts the popular "SOS 3 Minute Sales Focus of the Week".