Maslow’s Hierarchy Applied to Premium Seating

What does the famous hierarchy of needs have to do with premium seating in an NFL stadium? More than you might think.

Maslow’s theory has been studied backwards and forwards in psychological circles and applied to numerous examples. Today, add one more to that list. Let’s overlay Maslow’s hierarchy of needs on top of the premium seating levels at the new Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park, opening in 2020.

This stadium will feature three categories of premium seating: Club, VIP, and All-Access.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

The five levels build off one another. From the bottom level up, one cannot begin to satisfy the second level (Safety needs) if the first level (Physiological needs) is unmet. In the same way, one cannot fulfill the Belongingness and Love level if Safety needs have not been met, and so on up the pyramid.

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, human beings naturally have a desire to achieve the fifth level – Self-Actualization. Maslow described this desire in saying “what a man can be, he must be.” And anything less will leave the fan wanting more until self-actualization is met.

The NFL wants all 70,240 fans who enter the new stadium at Hollywood Park to have unique experiences that will always be remembered and thought of fondly, meeting the first two needs of Physiological and Safety in Maslow’s Hierarchy. This environment is what facilities strive to create for their clients. The more memories that are created from the event, the higher the desire will be to recreate that feeling in the future. Returning customers are more valuable than new customers; therefore, it is of the utmost importance for a venue to get patrons to the self-actualization level.

LA’s Herarchy of Needs

Physiological Needs

The event will meet the basic need by providing a brand-new stadium that includes the modern amenities, such as seating, restrooms, and concessions, that go along with this level.

Safety Needs

The need for safety will be achieved through security measures standard for any NFL game. There will be signage depicting where to go in cases of emergency as well as announcements directing fans to safe spots.

For all three levels of premium seating, after the Stadium Seat License is paid, it gets returned to the owner or designee in 2068, adding financial security to each level of premium seating.

Belonging and Love Needs

The third level of need is Love and Belonging. Premium seat members will feel this level from the moment they walk into the stadium. They will be greeted with a smile at one of four VIP entrances. Parking at the stadium also conveys this feeling as All-Access and VIP members will receive a parking pass for every four tickets, while club members will have the opportunity to purchase a parking pass with four tickets as well.

However, having a premium seat will elevate these standard amenities. All-Access and VIP members will have all-inclusive food and drink within the Chairman’s Club and Field Club. All premium seat members will have access to purchase food with the Executive Club and Patio Club featuring an array of options germane to the Los Angeles area, as well as drinks with top-shelf liquors and spirits. Additionally, all premium seats will be physically wider and cushioned to make the overall viewing experience more comfortable.

Esteem Needs

The Esteem level is also easily attained with the purchase of any of the premium seat types. A premium seat ticket holder will have access to four different stadium clubs, depending on the premium seat.

All-Access and VIP members with tickets in the 200 level of seating will be able to access the Patio and Chairman’s Club. The Patio Club is an open club that is accessible to all club seat holders on the 200 level and has a Southern California feel to it. The Chairman’s Club is the most exclusive of the clubs and has all-inclusive food and beverages for all VIP and All-Access members.

VIP members with seating in the 100 level will have access to the Field Club and Executive Club. The Executive Club is the most social of the four stadium clubs and encompasses the entire 100 level. The Field Club is the most intimate as it allows members to be on the field level right next to the players on the sidelines. It also allows members to be next to the team meeting room and view press conferences through floor-to-ceiling glass windows. VIP members have all-inclusive food and beverages in the Field Club.

Self-Actualization Needs

The Self-Actualization level can be most easily attained with the All-Access premium seat type. This package is the most exclusive package with only 400 available seats, and it provides an amazing view as the seats run between the 45-yard lines. In addition, the All-Access seats come with guaranteed access to purchase tickets for stadium events, including the Super Bowl, concerts, and College Football Playoff games.

In conclusion, all people have different ways for their human needs to be met. The All-Access and VIP seat types may not be for everybody, but for those who desire to reach the Self-Actualization level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, it could not be made any easier than with all of the perks and benefits of owning one these seats.