Multi-Use + Flexibility in Today’s Venues

The ALSD enlisted Chris Holdsworth, Mike Kitts, and Brett Unzicker for our next Solutions for a Shutdown event, a webinar detailing the industry’s shift from a sports-first approach in our venues to one, aided by technology, focusing on all live events.


The sports and entertainment venue marketplace will have to compete for fans’ attention whenever our buildings reopen and on into the future. To execute a profitable event calendar with few to zero dark days, we must offer the best products, supported by flexible technology solutions, to create memorable experiences and efficient venue performance for a variety of live events.

Event Moderated By: Jared Frank, Publisher, ALSD

Presentations By:

Mike Kitts, SVP of Partnerships, Golden State Warriors/Chase Center: 5:51
Chris Holdsworth, Vice President of Program Management, Atlanta Hawks/State Farm Arena: 22:29
Brett Unzicker, Vice President of Sales, Samsung Electronics America: 41:15

This venue solution was published in partnership with Samsung.