NBA and Twitch Announce Streaming Rights Partnership for 2K League

The NBA and Twitch have announced a streaming rights partnership for the inaugural season of the 2K League. Twitch will receive the rights to all 199 games of the 2K League season, including three in-season tournaments, playoff matchups, and the league finals. According to NBA officials, the Twitch platform is a perfect fit for the 2K League to provide esports and NBA fans the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of the inaugural season.

This announcement comes as no surprise, as Twitch broadcasted the league draft earlier this month. Despite the games all occurring in one central location, either New York or Los Angeles, Twitch will allow the games to be broadcasted for a worldwide audience.

The NBA prides itself on constant innovation and the hope that from video games to live games, engaging the Twitch community will allow for basketball to continue its worldwide presence.


Washington Post
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