A Path Forward for Suite Sales

Dan August of the Los Angeles Rams, Scott Spencer of Suite Experience Group, and the ALSD’s Jared Frank discuss current suite marketplace trends and a technology to better market and sell single-event suites in response to those trends.


Suite leases continue to prove challenging to sell against the backdrop of changing buyer behaviors and preferences, as well as the accelerating shift to online marketplaces. As a result, many teams are adapting their premium sales strategies to include more single-event suites and expand their digital presence to drive sales.

Learn from the Los Angeles Rams, among the most innovative teams in this arena, who recently collaborated with Suite Experience Group to launch www.RamsSuites.com, which allows buyers to view and purchase suite inventory directly on the site.

Introduction/Housekeeping Notes: 0:15
Overview of Suite Market Trends: 4:41
Influences from Outside Industries: 7:12
Making the Buying Experience Easier: 8:57
The First End-to-End Technology Platform for Suites: 9:39
Threats to a Sports Team in the On-Demand Economy: 11:17
SoFi Stadium Suite Portfolio: 13:18
A Larger Digital Point of View: 16:35
RamsSuites.com User Journey: 18:45
Who Is Responsible for What?: 22:35
The Back-End Magic: 23:55
Single-Game Rentals as Part of a Larger Strategy: 25:17
ROI Analysis/Justifying Expenses: 27:12
How to Get a Suite Pro Demonstration: 28:52
Overcoming Internal Hurdles: 29:57
The Entire Suite Experience Group Ecosystem: 32:45

Event Moderated By: Jared Frank, Publisher, ALSD

Dan August, VP of Ticketing & Strategy, Los Angeles Rams
Scott Spencer, President, Suite Experience Group

This venue solution was published in partnership with Suite Experience Group.