Solutions for Revenue Retention and Generation in a Fanless Environment

The latest in-venue technology solutions help retain and even generate revenue in no-fan, partial-fan, or full-fan environments. Depending on budget and venue layout, there are a variety of options available.


In this ALSD Webinar, discover how to design a technology solution that is cost-efficient and custom-designed for revenue generation, as well as flexible and quick to implement in multi-use venues.

Welcome/Introduction: 0:16
Greg Hylton Tribute: 3:29
New Digital Assets in Fanless Environments: 6:16
Valuations for Those New Assets: 9:08
Why Invest Now: 13:13
Scaling Up and Down to Accommodate Varying Fan Capacities: 16:15
Project Timelines: 17:18
Applications for All Venue Types, Sizes, Ages, and Configurations: 18:00
Defining "Digital Assets" and "Hybrid Experiences": 23:02
Chicago Bears Fan Network Case Study: 26:56
Programmatic Advertising Explained: 29:58
Fan Appetites for Returning to Live Events: 33:27
Brand Expectations for 2021: 36:16
New/Emerging Sponsor Categories for 2021: 40:31
Propelling the Industry Forward: 43:25

Event Moderated By: Jared Frank, Publisher, ALSD
Josh Kritzler, Co-Founder, 4FRONT
Brett Unzicker, Vice President, Samsung Electronics America

This venue solution was published in partnership with Samsung.

In memory of Greg Hylton. Please consider a donation in Greg's name to Sheltering Wings.