Solutions for a Shutdown

We’re all out there searching for answers right now. Problem is, there aren’t always answers available to find given the unprecedented nature of COVID-19 and its grip on the sports and entertainment world, and the wider world at large.

But we’re far more likely to find answers if we explore problems together. So the ALSD has added a couple of new content arrows to our quiver – webinars and virtual panel discussions. These videos are a series of tips, tactics, and best practices to successfully navigate the present climate.

What to Do When the Games Stop

In our maiden voyage of virtual panels, the ALSD tapped Chris Bausano, Ben Brown, and Justin Petkus to share their insights into sales, service, and leadership during the early days of COVID-19.

The Plan to Innovate and Differentiate

Michael Sarage, Jake Vernon, and Dionna Widder offer perspective on how to best modify and safeguard premium client benefits and experiences to move ahead in a COVID-19 world.

Setting the Table for a Shift in Service

Chris Bigelow, Mike Plutino, and Tracy Stuckrath discuss the ways foodservice and hospitality will be delivered differently when our venues reopen. Will there even be food in suites?

Multi-Use + Flexibility in Today’s Venues

Chris Holdsworth, Mike Kitts, and Brett Unzicker detail the industry’s shift from a sports-first approach in our venues to one, aided by technology, optimizing revenue and performance for all live events.

Turning the Page on Premium Guest Service

Becky Coffey, Candy Fuzesy, and Kristin Miller share service initiatives their organizations are delivering to premium customers while the games are paused.