Take Premium Seating to Sold Out Status using Inventory Distribution

A Premium Seating program is a core component of each venue and is responsible for delivering crucial attendance and revenue goals. In this session, industry experts discuss how primary rights-holders partner with distribution companies to increase marketing, drive more revenue per seat and sell out premium areas of their building. In addition, hear tips on how these companies can prepare venues with actionable insight and data to ensure new areas or premium offerings opening within the building are priced and marketed correctly to consumers.

Location: Starvine 1-2, West Convention Center, Level 3

  • Jason Evans, Premium Seating Manager, Spectra Venue Management / Wells Fargo Arena
  • Rob Vecchio, Senior Business Development Manager, Prolific 1
  • Eric Lapointe, Head of Sports & Entertainment Partnerships, Prolific 1
Starvine 1-2, West Convention Center, Level 3
Start Time
11:00 a.m.
End Time
11:30 a.m.