The United Nations of Food: Levy Feeds T-Mobile Arena

With its international flavor, Levy Restaurants has created a great number of eclectic niches for F&B, including its own signature drink – The Atomic Fizz. 

Tracy Tapp, Principal at Populous, talks about the many F&B locations and the change in the way venues now design areas to eat and drink. 

“We were very thoughtful with our consultants regarding the food and beverage, whether it was the public or the private side,” she says. “I do think the trend is definitely focusing on food and beverage for public and private…whether it’s accommodating the mixologists behind the bar in a premium space or just the varied menus for the public concessions as well.” 

Kurt Amundsen, also a Principal at Populous, explains some of the other drivers behind the F&B offerings. 

“A lot of F&B is driven by sponsorship and what kind of corporate partnerships developers can forge with local establishments like Shake Shack and some of the more vernacular food and beverage providers in the area.”

T-Mobile Arena Premium F&B Destinations

  • Optum Lounge
    Located on Event Level
  • Patron VIP Lounge
    Located on Event Level
  • Bud Light Lounge/Desert By Night
    Located on Main Concourse
  • Jack Daniels Lounge
    Located on Main Concourse
  • Goose Island Lounge 
    Located on Suite Level
  • Grey Goose Lounge
    Located in Tower Club (Invitation-Only Access)
  • Stella Artois Loft 
    Located in Tower Club (Invitation-Only Access)
  • Hyde Lounge
    Located atop the Tower Club
  • Live Lucky Lounge 
    Located on Upper Concourse