Client Communication Tool


I'm looking for a different way to communicate with my suite holders that is outside of the numerous, sometimes repetitive, emails I send every week. I am interested to see if there is a holistic program similar to Disney's "Cast Member Hub" for the premium seating industry. Does your team have a "hub" or "suites home page" where the suite admin can log in to get new messages, request SRO's, reserve their suite for concerts, request guest passes, and so forth?


We have a few different ways that we reach out to our clients and provide them with information.

1)     For our premium club, we have an electronic newsletter that gets sent out every month with important/upcoming event and facility information. As we near event time, we send another out with information like ‘What to know before you go’ with parking, gate, schedule, and programming information.

2)     For our suite holders, we send out communications all via email highlighting any major press announcement and important event information, including the above but also highlighting on important reminders for our clients like ordering catering and beverage, PR activities during the events, golf cart information, etc. Outside of event time, we try to stay as connected and share as much information as possible, so we will send out mass communications about any event happening in our facility, concert information and announcements, etc.

3)     Secondly for suites, we have a portal that houses all of their planning information, maps and directions, necessary forms to fill out, additional order forms for tickets, event schedules and FAQs, etc. We have a portal and each is event specific.

4)     Since we hold three large marquis events that we provide tickets for and all are very different, we have three different options when you log into the portal. Inside each of these homepages, there is all of the above helpful information that is event-specific. This website is accessible by user name and password only, so it is personalized for our premium clients.