Renovation Focus Groups


We are hosting a focus group of select suite holders to discuss potential renovations to our Club Level and Club Level Suites before the 2016 season. I'm interested to hear from teams that have done renovations or opened new buildings:

  • Did you assemble a group of your key accounts to ask them what they'd like to see in their suites?
  • If so, could you send me the questions you asked them?
  • Also, please let me know if you discovered any pitfalls or things you wish you would have done differently in hosting your focus groups.


Below is an example of an NBA team's focus group plan for a recent renovation project:

Capital Improvement Focus Groups

Why: The purpose of the focus groups is to validate the preliminary conceptual planning to help determine the appropriate mix, inventory, and price points for new premium seating.

Who & When: 10-12 people per focus group

Wednesday, June 5th, 7:30am – 9:00am

  • 35/30 Members/1/4 Suite Owners/Partial Suite Buyers                 
  • Terrace Ledge Box Holders (full and half)                            
  • Courtside Suites

Wednesday, June 5th, 11:30am-1:00pm          

  • Fan Zone STH                                                       
  • Plaza STH                                                                   
  • Charter Seat STH                                              

Contact Plan: Teams reach out to STH and suite holders via phone, follow up with email for RSVP. Goal is to have all RSVPs gathered by Thursday, May 31.

Speaking Points:

  • For our Courtside Suites: When we opened the arena, we met with most of them, and they are the reason that we have bunker suites. It is that time again to make improvements and changes to the building, and we need their help.
  • Participants will be shown conceptual images of the potential new premium seating products. They will only be asked about products that apply to them.
  • The discussion will then follow around interest and ideas.
  • F&B will be provided and a gift of some sort.
  • The focus group will be led by members of a third-party firm.


Below is an example of an online survey that an NFL team recently sent to its club seat clients to inquire about renovation preferences:

Premium Seating Renovation Survey

We are researching potential renovations to the suites and club levels at our stadium. As a valued premium seating ticket holder, we would like to hear your feedback on both the functional and aesthetic changes being considered. Please take a few moments to take the following survey to share your opinion.

Important: This survey includes suggestions and ideas similar to a “wish listâ€ of items to incorporate in the renovation project. Upon further evaluation, decisions will be made on whether these items will be incorporated or not.

Q1: What type of premium seating season ticket holder are you?

a.           Suite holder

b.           Club seat holder

c.            I have both club seats and a suite

Q2: What type of club seat holder are you?

a.           Indoor

b.           Outdoor

c.            I have both indoor and outdoor seats

Q3: Please select all the enhancements you would like to see added to the indoor club seats:

a. More TVs and video walls

b. Charging stations for mobile devices

c. Secure lockers to store my personal belongs in

d. More concession stand options (i.e. show kitchen/action station type set up only available to club seat holders)

e. Refreshed décor (graphics, paint, and finish) in premium seating areas

f. More high-top tables and chairs

g. Film application to end zone glass to eliminate heat/glare issue
Q4: In the previous question, you selected the below enhancements that you would like to see made in the renovation project. Please rank your choices with 1 being the most important to you.

Q5: Are there any other enhancements not already mentioned that you would like to see made? Please describe.

Thank you for taking the time to share your insights and opinions on the potential premium seating renovation. Your input is important to us.