In-Suite Online Ordering System

Does anyone have a recommendation for a system that would be available on in-suite computers and/or mobile devices that would allow suite clients to order food, browse merchandise, request their suite attendants, give feedback, etc.? 
Look at a Canadian company called Toushay ( We are not using them, but I know a few professional clubs that are. Toushay InSuite is an iPad solution deployed in large stadiums and arenas in North America. It assists teams with selling additional merchandise, food & beverage, tickets, etc. as well as creates incremental digital marketing opportunities for sponsors and advertisers.

There is a technology ( that was developed on our campus that may be a solution. We have implemented an in-suite personalized controllable video system on mobile devices at our stadium. The mobile app has multiple customizable capabilities. 

FanConneX ( is an option. I had a demo, but we do not currently use it. Speaking with a team who does, I took the following notes:

  • They loan iPads to suite and loge seat holders to access their Wi-Fi portal for NHL game feeds and replays from their game.
  • They check fans in to suite and loge seats to gather information on newcomers in order to market to them later as well as service suite and loge seat holders. Data from the system can be exported to Excel or CRM for further use.
  • They use the Mobile Concierge for problem resolution and for special circumstances (mascot visits, birthdays, etc.). The Mobile Concierge app also holds general information regarding the venue and event like restaurants, menus, bathroom locations, etc.

We are working with our F&B partner on a potential option this year for in-suite tablet ordering. I am currently in talks with MICROS to develop a program for tablet/mobile device food ordering. MICROS is a Washington, D.C. based company for in-suite service. They already have the technology to relay orders from computers around the suite level to the kitchens.