Information Gathering on New Suite Clients


Does anyone have a formal "information gathering" process when you get a new suite client? What other info do you ask new clients?


We do our information gathering during the sales process & the sales to service handoff process.  We have the check list that I attached that helps us with that information gathering. 

The Giants transitioned to Salesforce for our CRM in 2011. Through this system, I can send any contacts on the accounts a “Stay in Touchâ€ email where I can collect the best contact information and their birthday. We don't collect shirt sizes or favorite players since those things can change throughout the year(s). If we are doing a gift that involves a size, we will collect their size at that time.

Other information I like to gather is other interests such as golf, tennis, wine, movies, or travel. We occasionally have opportunities with our partners to be able to provide perks in these areas and I want to make sure I am passing them along to my clients who value them the most.

During our survey process, I ask each client to rank each “added valueâ€ opportunity that we are able to provide. I make an effort each year to provide at least one of the client's top three choices. That question may look something like this:

As the Giants continue to find additional ways to enhance your suite ownership experience, we might be able to offer Suiteholders one of a number of rare baseball opportunities.  Please indicate only three (3) of the below that you view as most attractive to you.  We will make every effort to provide at least one (1) of your top choices as an experience during the 2013 season:
___   Being a ball dude/dudette     ___   Field visit during batting practice   
___   A visit to the press box         ___   Kids taking the field with the team
___   Giants alumni visit to suite      ___   Outside Seat ticket offers
___   Spring Training trip               ___   Lou Seal visit to suite            
___   Regular Season Road trip       ___   Sit in on the Post Game Press Conference
Please let me know if you have any follow up questions.

I have attached the form that we ask new clients to fill out, as well as, all of the suite owners before each season starts. We add information/delete information that is on the sheet each year as we feel necessary.
For our new clients I have a meeting with them either in the suite or at their place of business to go over processes of ordering tickets, F&B, ect. This usually helps put them at ease and gives me time to get acquainted with them as well.

As a brand new venue, we have done a lot of work in gathering information on our clients.  Our suite owner website portal has a page that allows them to enter in such things as:

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Wife and children's names and birthdays
  • Favorite wine
  • Favorite beer
  • Favorite cocktail
  • Favorite football/basketball/college team, etc.
  • Favorite Race Team/Race Circuit/Driver
  • Favorite Hobby
  • Favorite Austin restaurant
  • Guest List for specific race events (and anything relevant to that group, such as a birthday in the group or a very important VIP in attendance)

These are just some samples of the kind of information that I collect.  I've also gone so far as to do a lot of Google-researching on their companies, reading press-releases related to their business or industry, etc.


We do ask our new suite client to send all contact information for the point person and also the decision maker so we can be sure we are sending them pertinent Club Level information throughout the year.  When it comes to other aspects - like decorating the suite, nameplates, favorite player, etc. we have a meeting with the new client to discuss all options.  This is done by our Director of Premium Services who services the account throughout their license contract. 

In regards to capturing information, we do a number of things, but also to our Premium areas which are called "suites".    
1)  We are actually a little behind and now just instituting a retention team.   We will begin to have "call campaigns" as soon as it is in progress to all current clients introducing themselves and updating current information.  From there, there will be introduction call campaigns to all new business clients to ask basic questions as well as some from the profile we have created. 

2) Profile -- This is a profile we created to gain information from all parties on the account; primary, admin, wife, etc.  

We mailed out a hard copy, as well as emailed and linked a survey monkey for filling them out. We had a very good response rate. 

From here we complimented the questions in CRM so that we can easily bulk upload the answers into the appropriate accounts.

Also, we put a copy of the profile into our "Rookie Program" collateral and ask them to fill it out as the sale closes if in person.  If not, then at the Rookie Social we provide them with this collateral and the profile.   People love talking about themselves, it's not a tough sell to get the to fill out.   Unfortunately, NY law will not allow us to do an incentive to fill out, but I would suggest that if you can.

We do an online form at the beginning of each season to obtain all of our administrative information, identify the suite coordinator, get a credit card number to keep on file for SRO tickets and to find out some personal information. This season we are going to ask for birthdays, shirt sizes, favorite players, favorite Seattle area restaurant, children and spouses, and charity involvement.
We usually get pretty good response, but sometimes it takes a couple reminder emails.