Punch List Technology


  • What type of technology are directors using to create their punch lists for cleaning and maintenance as they review their suites? 
  • Can that technology piggyback to enable them to take game-day notes on a per suite and per area basis, as they are meeting suite holders and observing, as well as interact and communicate with different entities like their team, facilities, maintenance, catering, and security, etc.? 
  • And what is their back-up if Wi-Fi or cell towers are down or not functioning due to capacity of usage?

We use what's called a HogIT system, which our IT department created and implemented so that we could have a systematic and department-wide way of issuing needs and requests to the proper department and that each department could use as a way of taking care of all the requests efficiently. It has its own website, and department employees log in and create a request for the appropriate area. 

This also gives us a way of easily referencing the history of each of our requests, so at the end of each season, I can go back and pull up all tickets associated with a certain suite and also search by a certain issue.
As far as piggybacking for use in a game-day situation where we actually input notes regarding each suite, we do not have that specifically set up, but I can search my HogIT tickets easily at any time. The way we use the HogIT system on game day is I print off all of our HogIT tickets for each game and put a copy on each suite attendant's clipboard so that they can follow up with the suite holder when they arrive for the next game and make sure those folks know that we took care of it.
As for if our technology is ever down and I'm not able to access the HogIT system, we also have checklists that our suite attendants write down issues the suite holder reports during events. So I will pull out the previous game's checklists and go by those.