Concierge Staff Incentives


  • Do you incentivize your concierge staff?
  • What measures do you use to incentivize your concierge staff?
  • What incentives do you give your concierge staff?


We have a couple programs that fall into the incentive category. We don't have any budget to get monetary incentives, so we've had to get creative.


  • "Employee of the month" program. The winner receives recognition through an in person announcement as well as an email to the concierge staff, a certificate, and a pair of tickets to a mutually agreed upon game.
  • Raffle tickets – we provide a raffle ticket at the end of the shift if someone went above and beyond on the job. Each month we do a little drawing for a giveaway item or whatever we can get our hands on. At the end of the season, we do a raffle drawing with all the tickets accumulated throughout the season and that prize is an autographed item of some sort.


  • We really don't have a lot of incentives for our gameday staff and they are constantly asking for things and feeling under appreciated. We are not able to offer them the opportunity to purchase tickets and the pay does not go up each year. What we do is let them take some gameday programs after the game or sometimes if we have giveaways leftover we let them take those – but my staff just pilfers for free stuff so much.
  • We also give them each a free parking pass and "Bears Bucks" to purchase food during the game so I really don't think they're doing too badly. But if you get any good ideas from other teams would you mind sending them my way? I would really appreciate it!
  • We have a pin they get if they get recognized for a good deed and the pin says Excellence in Service. So they do try to get pins but most of the time they just nominate each other and I don't really feel like it's been super effective.
  • We have the same issue with people not working up to their potential – they get lazier the longer they're with us unfortunately.


We have done a drawing for courtside tickets to a basketball game for our football renewals. We have also done a ticket holder from "That's My Ticket" that people really seemed to enjoy as well. It had their ticket from the first game after the renovation. We're always looking for ideas that aren't necessarily price incentives, but more experience related incentives.