Lockers in Club/Premium Areas

Member Question:
We are discussing adding lockers to our Legends Club for members to rent on a yearly or game basis. I would like to find out if anybody else features lockers in premium areas and if there are any issues with the program.

Member Answer:
We have lockers in our Superboxes. Our Superbox is kind of a super suite that has 200 seats in it and is all inclusive F&B. We have about 100 lockers in each. Prior to the season we sent out an email to all of our account holders in the box and ask if they are interested in the locker. We then assign based on their season ticket tenure.  

We have had no issues besides on breaking every now and again!  

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We have a small amount of nice wooden lockers in our Lexus Presidents Club. No charge. Use as you see fit, come and go as you please. We do issues keys.

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We do not currently offer lockers for any of our members or guests. In the past, we have offered "cigar lockers" in our cigar lounge which is located in one of our Premium areas. This was on an annual basis but the service was only taken advantage of by very few members. In lieu of lockers, we do allow our Suite owners to use the locked cabinets in their suite to store personal items. We keep the keys here and they have to ask to have it opened. We've tried providing them with their own keys in the past and it was a nightmare because they were always losing them.

Member Answer:
We have lockers in two areas with our premium shared suites. We have never had any issues with them.  I will say that they are not used much at all. More of just having their name on a locker. Every once in a while they will use to store something but very rarely.

Member Answer:
A few background facts:

  • Lockers are assigned as an amenity to season ticket holders (4 tickets = 1 locker; less than 4 tickets = 1 locker assigned if available, which they usually are; more than 4 tickets = 1 locker/4 seats).
  • Dimensions are 13â€ w x 15â€ h x 16â€ d
  • There are 3 levels assigned, and one bottom level that is reserved for staff storage.
  • There are no tickets sold game-by-game (all tickets are season tickets).

We've had a love/hate relationship with lockers. Here are some thoughts/issues that have surfaced over the years:

  • Some use lockers to store jackets, cups, other personal belongings during the game, but mostly folks use lockers to store alcohol.
  • Donors are allowed to “stockâ€ their locker (I.e., have access to it) on the day prior to a home football game, during designated hours.
  • Top issue is having no control over underage drinking/over-service.
  • Our lockers are not behind closed doors, so there is no way to “cut offâ€ access to lockers/alcohol (say, at the end of the 3rd quarter, no drinks can be made).
  • Security of lockers is also a challenge since doors accessing them cannot be locked. We've had some theft issues (although security cameras have helped alleviate that issue).
  • We have used both combination locks and keys for access to lockers:
  • Donors prefer keys, but they are a pain to keep up with (they're always losing them and needing replacements made). We bill them for replacements.
  • Combinations were preferable for management purposes, but donors complained that they couldn't read the numbers, etc.
  • Multiple donors forget their keys, or “loseâ€ them, on game days, so we have staff stationed in each locker area with master keys, available to unlock lockers. They then lock them at the end of the game.
  • The quality of the locker materials matters, because they seem to break easily (or be broken into).
  • Dimensions seem to be sufficient; a case of wine fits without issue.
  • We do have donors who have tried to ice down a small cooler and place that in the locker. I would encourage you to make a policy that NO soft coolers are allowed, because in that instance, ice melts and leaks into surrounding lockers, ruining both the lockers and other donors' belongings/locker contents. Hard coolers don't seem to be a problem.
  • Everyone mixing drinks likes easy access to fountains and ice machines. To position those nearby is wise. Offering counters, sinks, etc. is also desirable, although not feasible in our facility.

Member Answer:
Lockers are provided with the club membership. Two season tickets = 1 locker; four season tickets = 2 lockers (etc.).  A few thoughts for you to chew on...

  • Don't put the lockers too low to the floor, or too high. Be practical in placement so it's easy for the users to access.
  • Keys are a pain to manage, but maintenance of that type of lock system is minimal. We have the combi-lock system; repairs are frequent and expensive. I think I'd prefer something like this:
  • Regarding coolers, we require hard-sided (no soft-sided) because of leaks. Our policy is that no ice can be left overnight (our staff ices beverages on game day and then dumps the coolers of ice/water after the game).  

Member Answer:
Most of their club spaces feature lockers, with the exception of a newer space that has a cash bar. Lockers provide many challenges, including stocking times that are not convenient to all ticket holders. Since the lockers are fairly open instead of in a lockable room, they cannot limit access to the lockers. This provides a liability issue as guests continue to drink throughout the duration of the game, whereas the cash bars cease service at the end of the third quarter.
The lockers also have key locks. If you are installing new lockers, I would recommend digital locks, as keys tend to break off inside of the locks. Guests often fail to turn in their keys each year, forcing them to make hundreds of new key copies each season.