POS System for Both Suites and Concessions

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We are looking into purchasing a new POS system that will work with both our suites and our concessions. 

Do you know if most venues use the same system or if they have two separate systems?
Also which systems seem to perform the best for Suites?

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Our facility is a multipurpose one in which we have two arenas (one with suites), a performing arts theatre, and nearly 250,000 sqft of convention space. We currently are using Quest as our POS for all of our Food and Beverage (Concessions, Suites, Banquets, Bars etc). I would say overall we are moderately satisfied with the performance, with the exception of their support services.

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There are a lot of systems out there, but we prefers to utilize Micros for the POS for all Concession applications, Retail Pro  for all Retail applications, and Suite Wizard for all Suite applications. With that being said, we have separate systems for the various areas as they are designed to accommodate the demands and needs of that particular application.
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We use Quest which handles our Suites and Concessions with back office inventory:

It's a decent system, and we have been using it for about 6 years. It can have its quirks, but most of them do. The suite ordering uses a handheld Symbol device but i know they were trying to get those switched over to PC tablets. Both products require Wi-Fi so this is something you will want to consider.
We have about 78 stationary tills, 12 portable tills and 16 Suite handheld devices.

NCR is now the parent company for Quest. I know they have been at ALSD the last several years.

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We use two different MICROS systems to operate our  premium and our concessions differently. Like all systems, they have their pros and cons. They are not as user friendly as say an “Alohaâ€ system, but they are manageable. Obviously, you would be obtaining a newer version and some of the kinks that we deal with might be worked out.

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We have multiple systems:

  • General Concessions and the 2 A level stands use the Quest system
  • For the Clubs and the Carvery bars, we use InfoGenesis
  • We also use InfoGenesis to enter orders in for suites 
  • Quest does have a suite system and I hear it is good, but does not interface with other programs that we use like OMS, which is why we do not use it

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We use the Micros 9700 Series for both. There are more current systems available. The suites system is more work station based for an extensive menu. If the food services provider operates both concessions and suites than it makes sense to use the same pos system for reporting, etc.