Sliding Glass Window/Wall Open or Closed

Member Question:
If you have a sliding glass window/wall in your arena or venue suites:

  • Do you start the event with it open or closed?
  • Do you allow patrons to open/close the windows/walls or request to have the windows/walls opened/closed?
  • Have you run into any challenges and if so, how have you handled?

Member Answer:

  • We start with it closed
  • Our suite attendants open the sliding doors when they unlock the suite for the first guest that arrives. If it is for a football game that is cold out, we typically open them at the request of the first arriving guest.  If they decide to open them later, they are welcome to do so.
  • The only challenge we have run into is the doors getting of track. Other than that, I don't believe we have had any safety issues or issues with guests breaking them.

Member Answer:
We have windows that open in our football stadium that are run by a device similar to a garage door opener. It uses a key to lift the window up or down. We provide each suite captain with a key and they can find out from their suite owner what they prefer. Throughout the game, the suite captain must control the window, the guests/owner are not allowed to control the window. 

  • People hanging out of the window. (We ask the suite captain and other staff to monitor this and ask them not to lean on or touch the glass.)
  • The cable to the windows have snapped (3 times since we opened in 2008). We get them inspected annually. We just have to hope that we never have guests with their hands, feet or bodies in the way. Knock on wood…

Member Answer:
All of our suites have windows that open.  In addition, we just installed a nanawall system in a suite last season.  All suites have their windows unlocked and each suite holder can open/close it to their liking. In some instances, the catering host may know their clients tastes and have the window open for them when they arrive.
Member Answer:
Our football suite windows are different on each side. We decide on open or close based on weather and what the suite owners like.

  • West-we (suite staff) open and close them because they take a tool/bar to close them, the windows go out to open
  • North-we open and close, the windows slide up and go behind another window
  • East-anyone can open or close they function by a switch and go in to the counter

We provide blankets or hand fans (programs) to help the fans who want the opposite.
Member Answer:
We start all of the events with our Suite doors closed. (The door to the corridor is locked until the first guest arrives and the door to the seating bowl is closed.) We allow patrons to open and close the doors and are pro-active on very hot days to let guests know, "Once you open this door, you are releasing the A/C and it will not come back on. Even if you close the doors again, you will not be able to bring it down to the temperature it is now."
We installed decals on every sliding glass door that says, right by the handle: "To maximize the air conditioning in your suite, please keep the doors closed."
Between the decals and staff pro-activity we really haven't had many issues.

Member Answer:

  • Do you start the event with it open or closed? Closed 
  • Do you allow patrons to open/close the windows/walls or request to have the windows/walls opened/closed? Request made to Guest Service staff
  • Have you run into any challenges and if so, how have you handled? When extremely warm we recommend and are less apt to open even at clients request due to amount of electricity it takes to cool suites and suite/club level.

Member Answer:
We have floor to ceiling sliding window panels in our suites. We start the game with them all open (except two which have been requested closed by the owners). Our staff will check in with the guests throughout the game and are responsible for closing them if the guests request.  We have not had any issues besides a few sliding off the track, but it's a pretty quick fix.

Member Answer:
We start with the windows closed. In the past we have had issues with birds flying into the suite and eating the popcorn and chips. We ask that the patron ask the attendant to open or close the window. However we do see a number of regular users open it on their own.

Member Answer: 
With our sliding glass windows/walls, it creates an open air experience. We began with 3 large suites that the doors would open to the outside and last year after renovations, made another 10 suites with the same feature.

1)  Since the temperature fluctuates (sometimes drastically), we came up with the 60-90 rule. So if the temperature outside is below 60 degrees or above 90 degrees we keep the doors shut. On most nights, we have the doors open before the guests arrive. 
2)  We do not allow guests to open/close the windows on their own.  We ask that they call us and we will do that for them during the game.  It's more of a safety/maintenance issue.  We know how to properly open and close and we don't want the guests necessarily messing with that. 
3)  Two Challenges come to mind:

  • In our larger suites, some of the guests might want the doors open and some want them closed.  In that case, we usually find the host of the suite and go with what they say to do.  We can often close some of the doors to accommodate the unhappy guests.  This only happens when it's too cold outside or windy.
  • The other issue is that if a storm happens to pop up very quickly and all of the guests want their doors shut right away, it takes our staff awhile to shut everything down.  This doesn't happen too often, but it's hard for the guests to be patient when they think they can just shut the doors on their own.  When the guests try and do that, they never do it correctly so then it takes even longer to make it right. 

Member Answer:
We only have windows in our football suites. We start the event with them closed but unlocked. Our normal policy is that it's up to the guest if and when they want to open their windows. But we have exceptions for extreme temperatures.
When it's above 95 degrees, we keep the windows locked until 15 minutes before kickoff.  I have 10 window keys, and my staff and I can unlock all 109 suite windows in about 5 minutes.  I started doing that 6 years ago when it was about 100 degrees on the first game; one suite holder arrived 2 hours before kickoff, opened the door and all the windows, and spent the ENTIRE GAME complaining that it was too hot in the suite.   So I made the executive decision to change the policy so I wouldn't have to listen to that anymore.  We get complaints like "pay a million dollars for my suite, I should be able to decide if I want to open the window", we explain that it's for their comfort the entire game. Sometimes they listen, sometimes they don't.   
Our last football game of the year last season it was 5 degrees when the gates opened at 9am, and the projected high was 15.  There's about an inch of space between the windows that separate the suites, so if one suite has their windows open even a tiny bit, it freezes out the suites on either side of them that happened quite a bit the week before when it was super cold also.  So we kept the windows locked the entire game.  The vast majority thought it was a great idea.  A few suite holders made a huge issue about it.   
Our AD is behind both of the extreme policies, so that makes it a lot easier to enforce.

Member Answer:
Depending on the outside temperature is where we start the window. It requires a key and the suite attendant to move up or down and we move it at the suite-holder's request. Sometimes the attendant has left the key in the control box, resulting in the guest trying to raise or lower the window, which sometimes damages the system if not operated properly.

Member Answer:
We have slinging glass doors in our suites. There were some inconsistencies when it came to deciding when they should be open and when they should be closed. As a result, we came up with a temperature variant that would be standard for all suites moving forward:

The Licensee Representative may indicate default suite glass preferences for temperatures outside of this range below:
< 40 degrees
> 85 degrees
Front Glass
open  /  closed
open  /  closed

Any variances to these default preferences should be communicated by the Licensee Representative to Licensor no less than three (3) days prior to kickoff.  Please note that any changes to the default preferences requested less than three days prior to kickoff may not be executed.

Member Answer:

  • Opened
  • Our particular sliding windows are so persnickety that we allow only the facility staff to move them. We allow patrons to request in advance of game day if they want them open or closed (99% always want them open), but due to the age of the windows (and fear of them sliding off the tracks) we no longer open/close the windows when gates are open. While it's unlikely that one would slide off track and become detached, the risk is simply too great when patrons would be below in the lower bowl. When the windows weren't so old, we would allow the patrons to make one change request per game. For instance, if the windows started out open and then during the game the patrons wanted them closed, our policy was "Sure thing, but they must remained more changes." Otherwise, our facility staff would be running all around God's creation opening & closing windows. 
  • Some of this is addressed in the above question, but I would say the two major concerns are them coming off track and/or getting stuck in the middle (disrupting sight lines).

Member Answer:
We have sliding glass and we start every event with the windows open. Suite guests are not allowed to open or close the windows themselves but they may request to have them closed one time during an event. Our biggest challenge is in the winter weather where people want the windows closed after they arrived but then opened again when the event starts. We try to limit this as much as possible but allow some exceptions pending the availability of our facilities staff to accommodate.

Member Answer:

  • Suite owners are given a preference form prior to each game, on which they indicate whether they want windows opened or closed.  If we do not hear from them, the default is an opened window. The windows that are opened are done so prior to gate opening by facilities staff members.
  • Patrons may request that windows be opened/closed throughout the game, but that request is fulfilled by facilities staff only. (Guests are not allowed to slide windows themselves.)
  • The biggest challenge, of course, is that the sliding windows are essentially the equivalent of the entire field-view wall, so temperatures indoors are unable to be controlled. Guests want the atmosphere that an open window provides, but they also expect the air/heat to be contained, so that's an impossible balance. We do have an occasional instance where a suite will request more than one change during a game, but not often. We have facilities staff members assigned specifically to our areas, so responding to the requests has not been an issue. We also are fortunate that the “windows may be opened or closed by facilities staff onlyâ€ policy has been in place since the very first game in our suites, so our patrons are well-educated and do not seem unsatisfied by that policy.