Spotlight Category Descriptions

Suites are an important mainstay in the premium world. What sets yours apart? How do the FF&E, service experience, design, view, and other X factors combine to create a luxurious and unique area?

Club Spaces
Premium clubs within a venue meant for larger groups with an appetite for a posh entertainment experience. These spaces often include bars, restaurants, communal seating, meeting space, and frequently a special view of the play or performance area in a venue. How are you innovating?

Overall Architecture
It’s more than just curb appeal. Every building tells a story. What’s yours? This category looks at architectural considerations like the intersection of form and function, materials used, and tasteful branding integration.

Immersive Fan Experiences
Exciting fans and activating sponsors requires creativity and engagement, but the end result must also weave into the aesthetic of a venue. This category looks at activations that do all that and more, providing ROI and creating unique experiences.

F&B Presentation
How are your serving up premium? Perhaps it’s a themed dish, locally-sourced ingredients, or a classic favorite served in a creative style. Give us a feast for the eyes.

A mainstay in client entertainment. Whether you gift your clients high-end items once a year or provide a tchotchke on each game day, we want to know what gift your clients have loved most or which were considered the most thoughtful or original.

Emerging Technology Innovation
This category explores the changes being managed, problems being solved, and downstream impacts being considered to improve building operations and the bottom line, specifically through the use of technology.

F&B Design
A great dish can be amplified by the space around it. Whether it’s a themed restaurant or bar, a special concourse fixture, or another creative destination or space, we want to see how you’re framing the ambiance around your F&B.