Detroit Lions / Ford Field
Suite Services Manager

“I have been a member of the ALSD since 2006 and I was immediately struck by the value of the relationships you build through attending the conference. I always leave those three days with a notebook full of possibilities and a few new friends. I have met so many great people who can provide an excellent soundboard and resource for ideas. Whether you’re bouncing around a new concept, trading “war stories”, or need some help with tickets for a client, there is always someone ready to lend an ear. We may all work for different venues or teams, but I feel like we are on the same team in our efforts to provide a great guest experience for the folks who walk through our doors. The trick is to integrate the benefits of the ALSD into the rest of your calendar year - call on your friends from time to time, use SEAT magazine and “Between the SEATs” for inspiration, and do what you can to visit new venues. It’s only when we each take some time to get out of our respective “trenches” that we can gain some new perspective.”

Atlanta Braves
Senior Account Executive, Suite Sales and Service

"The ALSD and its annual conference have been beneficial for me and the organization I work for. It has given us many new and innovative ideas to improve and excel in the luxury seat industry. They have helped us build a bridge between other professional organizations, which in turn opened up lines of communication for all parties to be able to share ideas. Every professional organization should be a part of the ALSD!"

Carolina Panthers
Luxury Suite Liaison

“The ALSD has helped forge new connections in the industry that otherwise would not have been possible. I have been able to share/compare with other professionals in the field, offer/receive advice on operational concerns as well as talk about common challenges. The professionals with the association are responsive and supportive, and I am thrilled to have a place to go with questions and concerns outside of our facility! The 2009 conference was a great experience, and I would recommend attending the 2010 conference to anyone in the field!”

Seattle Seahawks / Seattle Sounders FC
Suite Sales Manager

“The ALSD is a great resource for networking with others across the sports and hospitality industry, and provides a valuable platform for sharing and discussing challenges and opportunities that we all face."

Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company
Director Corporate Partnerships/Premium Seating

We built the Giant Center in Hershey in 2002. In preparation for our first experience in the Premium Seating world we joined the Association of Luxury Suite Directors (ALSD) in 1999. This Association has be an invaluable resource for us over the years. From the league to league networking opportunities to the annual Conference the ALSD has allowed us to be prepared for all that goes on in the Premium Seating Industry. Quite frankly we wouldn't be as successful with our Premium Seating Product without the ability to utilize all the resources the ALSD has to offer.

Visions for Venues, LLC
Principal Advisor

“I have been involved in the Premium Seating industry since 1991 and have been involved with many associations. As a longtime member of ALSD I can confidentially say, “ALSD is the most relevant association in our industry.” I am a supplier with experience in over 100 venues as well as a member of the ALSD Board of Directors. In recent years as the premium seat industry reinvents itself, ALSD is leaps ahead of other industry associations in membership involvement, recruitment and retention.”

United Center
Senior Director of Premium Seating

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be associated with the ALSD since the time Bill Dorsey first launched our association. I have seen the growth in the ALSD as a group as well as the people who run the association. The resources from the ALSD which are provided to the membership and the networking opportunities with fellow Suite Directors from all the major sports, college sports and minor league teams is endless!”

Bon Secours Wellness Arena and Charter Amphitheatre
Premium Sales & Service Manager

“The ALSD Conference has truly opened my eyes to everything that’s possible in the Premium Seating world. Since joining the Board a goal of mine has been to build a strong network of minor league venues to conspire with on new, exciting ideas and market trends.”

Northwood University
Chairman - Sports & Entertainment

“There are many great things about ALSD. One has to start with the people involved in the organization. Full credit directed to Bill Dorsey, who is a visionary in this industry. He has a futuristic viewpoint about the industry and where it is headed. Certainly the highlight is the annual conference where one not only gets to meet the great people in person but also an opportunity to see first-hand the trends of the industry. Anybody involved in Sports Academia should pay attention to ALSD.”

Detroit Lions
Director of Business Development-Premium Seating

“ALSD is a tremendous resource for any sports organization looking to enhance their business. Whether you are seeking new strategies to provide the best customer service to current clients, looking to discover fresh ideas to drive new suite revenue, or planning a renovation of an arena or stadium, ALSD will guide you and your employees in making better informed decisions on how to attack these challenges. The relationships I have fostered through ALSD have positively impacted our business as well as my personal and professional development.”  

ROI Consulting, LLD

"Being a member of ALSD is vital for anyone working in any area of facility/team premium seating - sales, service, IT, F&B, professional, college and minor league. The contacts and relationships I have formed over the past 17 years of membership have been invaluable. Membership and conference attendance have given me access to the leaders in the industry - I can pick up the phone anytime and get advice, learn about the latest cutting age technology and best practices, and test the waters for new ideas. The Association is an amazing repository of statistics and other information that is unavailable without membership, and the Association staff is a resource that has helped me many times through the years. No team can afford NOT to be a member of ALSD!"

Auburn Athletics Department
Assistant AD- Premium Seating & Hospitality

Being involved with the ALSD & attending their annual ALSD Conference is one of the best professional decisions I have made.  During years when we have renovated our premium spaces and when we built the Auburn Arena, the contacts and resources within the ALSD member family were very helpful.  I have served in the Premium Seating industry for almost 20 years and can’t imagine being as successful without my family within the ALSD.

Great American Ball Park
Director of Premium Sales & Service

ALSD provides members the with opportunity to learn best practices from the best representation from all sides of the sports industry. Members are given the chance to connect with their peers from across the country to grow their professional network while improving their personal skill sets.

Vice President, Premium Seating

As a Premium infant I used to attend ALSD for the kick-ass receptions, team collaboration and as a vehicle to check out other cool cities while networking my face off. With every passing year my ability and appetite to gain a deeper understanding of how to recognize, shape and develop best practices has grown exponentially thanks to the resources and support that ALSD provides. The impact this conference/organization has had on me personally and professionally is immeasurable and the opportunity to continue exploring and cultivating new boundaries, processes and ideas is both exciting and extremely rewarding…and the receptions are still kick-ass.

The Detroit Lions - Ford Field
Director of Business Development & Premium Seating

ALSD is a tremendous resource for any sports organization looking to enhance their business. Whether you are seeking new strategies to provide the best customer service to current clients, looking to discover fresh ideas to drive new suite revenue, or planning a renovation of an arena or stadium, ALSD will guide you and your employees in making better informed decisions on how to attack these challenges. The relationships I have fostered through ALSD have positively impacted our business as well as my personal and professional development.

Olympia Entertainment – Detroit Tigers / Detroit Red Wings
Director – Corporate, Premium Sales

The ALSD has been a vital resource for us during the planning and execution of on-sale for our new arena.

Infinite Energy Center
Director of Premium Services

Having the opportunity to participate in ALSD provides not only exceptional networking relationships, it provides great resources within the industry.

Tampa Bay Lighting
Senior Director of Suite Sales and Service

I truly believe in the ALSD conference.  I have had an opportunity to attend several conferences and every year I come away with new ideas to make our business better and most importantly, build relationships with colleagues in this industry.

Tao of Sports

The ALSD provides a dynamic opportunity to engage and learn from the various sports industry leaders throughout every league, more major and minor, in the world. Not only is this at their conference, but throughout the year. It is truly an asset to the sports business community.


University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
Lecturer -Sport Management

Bill Dorsey’s Vision 25 years ago is now mainstream in the Sports Industry.  The ALSD Conference has become the highlight of learning information in this ever changing and dynamic industry.

Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club-Miller Park
Director of Suite Services

I believe in ALSD and all that the organization has done to help further my career and help me grow as a service professional. If you are in the sports industry and sit on the premium side, membership and active engagement with ALSD is a no-brainer.

All-Star Catering
General Manager

For over 17 years, ALSD has provided timely valuable industry information that has helped our operations team manage business trends in premium hospitality.

Fox Theatre
Corporate Partnership Premium Seating Manager

As is the case with all entertainment venues, the Fox Theatre wishes to offer the very best experience to all of our patrons. With so much competition for people’s time and money these days, the importance of providing a consistent high-end experience is that much greater. For those patrons that choose a premium experience, we want to ensure we surpass the gold standard in every aspect of their time with us. Many Performing Arts Centers, especially historic ones or those with resident companies, are not able to renovate current seating configurations or build new spaces. Due to this challenge, it is much more important to incorporate creative solutions that will garner the same premium experience that many “VIPs” expect when attending sporting events and other forms of entertainment. Our membership in ALSD has allowed us to better understand the luxury market throughout the entire live entertainment industry and has provided us with innovative ideas that we can use in our own theatre. Better yet, we are not only tapped into the latest industry trends, but thanks to the network of vendors and venues ALSD has built up, we are properly positioned to be on the cutting edge from this day forward.

Georgia Dome/Atlanta Falcons
Executive Services Manager

I joined ALSD in the late 90’s when the collegiate/minor league venue where I was working decided to add suites and club seats.  The resources available through the Association made developing and implementing a Premium Seating department from scratch possible, almost effortless.  Since then, I have used all of the resources available through ALSD to guide me along my NBA, NHL and now NFL Premium Seating career path. Even more significant than the vast resources available have been the relationships – and even great friendships – that I have developed.  The value of having such a huge network of industry professionals - with thousands of years of collective experience – cannot be overstated!

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