72 Club Living Room Boxes at Hard Rock Stadium

The 72 Club Living Room Boxes at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, powered by FanVision, take luxury seating to a higher level in the NFL. Each of the 32 four-seat living room boxes is situated around the 35-yard lines in the lower bowl at field level.

The boxes' cushy recliners measure 32 inches wide, 10 inches wider than the typical stadium seat. In addition to enjoying a prime view of the action on the field, patrons have the option of having either four 18-inch televisions installed in their box or one larger, 32-inch screen. Those TVs tap directly into the channels available at the stadium, including the game itself, NFL Sunday for out-of-town games, and even NFL RedZone.

Each pair of recliners also features a seat-side tablet that functions as a remote control and displays game highlights as they occur. It is hardwired into Hard Rock Stadium network, allowing for lightning-fast responsiveness and streaming of the highlights. This is powered by an on-site operator, breaking down the game footage play-by-play, enabling users to replay that amazing catch they just saw from the broadcast angle. All game stats are also accessible from the tablet, giving users context into the game they're watching.

"You'll have a comfortable chair, the replays in front of you, RedZone on," says Dolphins CEO, Tom Garfinkel. "You'll have a mini garbage to throw things out, you'll have a drawer with a lock to put your valuables in, you'll have concierge service so you don't have to get up to get anything, and you'll have the game in front of you." These boxes will be unlike any experience you have ever had at a football game.

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