Membership FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What's the new ALSD?
Our vision is to bridge the gap between all premium, design, facilities, F&B, and technology professionals so each can understand its impact on the other, as well as their collective objectives, by bringing everyone together to share best practices and innovations. It's the philosophy that It's All Connected: Premium, Venue/Facility, and Technology: the ecosystem of departments across your organization.

What is changing?
With deep roots in the premium sector of sports business, ALSD is expanding its reach to bring complementary elements of venue technology and operation under “one roof.” Our new membership and conference platform will embrace organizations as a whole and include package deals that make sense for many departments to attend the annual ALSD Conference and Tradeshow, Design & Build Forum, and Tech Symposium< together. Separate tracks, cohesive content, universal success.

What's the impact on my budget?
By including more of your colleagues across your organization, you'll experience greater savings with the more members and attendees who join and attend. In addition, bundling your membership with conference attendance provides the maximum savings and organization-wide value.

What if I want to bundle my membership with the conference registration but I don’t know who will be attending in July?
No worries. By bundling your membership with the conference, you’re simply securing a number of spots at maximum savings and you can provide attendees names as we near the conference in July. Similarly, the number of memberships you secure are interchangeable among your staff and colleagues. It’s a membership “pool” that can expand and change with your department’s and organization’s needs. You also have the option to renew your membership now and register for the conference at a later date, as always. Just note the savings are greater the earlier you register and a package is the max savings deal.

What about the benefits?
While you’ll enjoy the numerous benefits you’ve always had, we are bolstering our offerings by adding more value and perks to your membership with special attention to the part of the ecosystem you work within. You may have seen more content focused on your niche, and there is more on the way.

What do you want me to do?
We want you to consider extending your ALSD membership across different departments in your organization. Our hope is that as our point of contact at your organization, you'll be our ambassador and invite fellow colleagues in your facilities, technology, and strategy departments to become members and attend the ALSD conference. We'll provide all the information you need. You just open the door!

What’s the bottom line?
Bundle and save! Consider our bundled membership and conference registration package and you can’t go wrong. Do it now and save even more before the Early Bird window closes on December 16th.

Don’t know what to do? Email or 415-290-5114.