Ticket Time Machine

Matt Wolff
7253 Via Abruzzi
Lake Worth, FL 33467

Ticket Time Machine™ is keeping the printed memory alive with our physical keepsakes. We help generate revenue and add value for your sponsors/partners. While our animated keepsakes speak for themself, we have partnered with innovative technology to enhance the fan experience and allow you to engage and stay engaged with your fans. Fans want printed tickets. We give fans what they want! We offer: 3D tickets (Animated or Rotating images), Name Tags/Credentials, Badges, Lanyards, Posters, Magnets, Thermal Tickets, Tap Technology, Blockchain, Geo-fencing/Geo-locating, Networking Hub, Unique/New assets for Sponsors/Partners, Customizable/Programable QR Codes. #TicketsAreComing #ThatsTheTicket™ #MobileTicketsAreLame #TicketTimeMachine™