ALSD Visionary Award


The ALSD focuses its awards programming every year on an elite few, focusing on the industry’s best, and not its many. In addition to our Spotlight awards, we recognize one, and only one, individual each year with the ALSD’s Bill Dorsey Visionary Award. It is presented in conjunction with the annual ALSD Conference and Tradeshow, the world's largest gathering in the sports and live events industry devoted to premium seating and venue development.

The Bill Dorsey Visionary Award distinguishes a universally appreciated industry leader whose passion and performance have led his or her organization to new heights in sports and entertainment. The award does not necessarily praise innovation... but it can. It does not necessarily celebrate a lifetime of achievement... but it does. The criteria for selection starts with something else, something intangible.

“The Visionary Award is very much about character, reflected in the fact that our visionaries inspire loyalty,” says Bill Dorsey, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the ALSD, for whom the award is named. “It is amazing how few people leave the visionaries for which they work. They inspire love and loyalty, and yet can still be tough when it matters.”

Past ALSD Visionaries:

2023: Mel Raines
2022: Mark Faber
2021: Amy Latimer
2020: Lee Zeidman
2019: Tom Glick
2018: Derrick Hall
2017: Jon Spoelstra
2016: Andy Dolich
2015: Tod Leiweke
2014: Brad Mayne
2013: Bernie Mullin
2012: Rich Krezwick
2011: Tom Wilson