Ohana Towels

Simon JC Nash,
Owner & GM
1230 NW Finn Hill Road, Suite D; Poulsbo, WA 98370
+1 (206) 557-2975

Ohana Towels supplies premium oshibori towels and warmers to help businesses ELEVATE THEIR EXPERIENCE. Partners see visitors as guests, not customers, and strive to deliver authentic HOSPITALITY over just Service. Offering Hot or Chilled Towels to guests projects such heightened sense of pampering and luxury. The impact of a business focusing on how a guest FEELS can inspire a more genuine relationship, transcending into a subsequently deeper, more meaningful emotional engagement between the two.

+100% Cotton Oshibori Towels (SCENTED and UNSCENTED)
+ Deluxe-paper Oshibori Towels (Softer and fluffier than typical synthetic towelettes)
+ (Electric) Hot-Cabi Towel Warmers
+ Custom-packaging