Burns & McDonnell Sports Practice

Jeff Sittner, Practice Leader 
Erica Muhlenbruch, Practice Leader
9400 Ward Parkway
Kansas City, MO 64114
jdsittner@burnsmcd.com, P: 913-449-2068
elmuhlenbruch@burnsmcd.com,  P: 316-519-7674

We make places that foster passion for sports, places where fandom can flourish. We connect crowds to moments of shared magic that become lifelong memories. The Burns & McDonnell Sports Practice is a vertically integrated design and build solution to the increasing complexity of entertainment districts, sports stadia and sports performance hubs. We unify exceptional user experience, the coordination of public and private realm, and the efficient deployment of capital and resources to maximize returns. Our holistic approach brings together best-in-class design, architecture, urban planning, environmental consulting, engineering and construction to deliver outstanding legacy projects.