Chef Jeff Leidy

Chef Jeff Leidy
Vice President of Culinary
Sodexo Live!

His success across more than 35 years of culinary experience in the hospitality industry is evident by his outstanding talents and commitment to local sustainability. His skilled and inventive culinary practices have earned him an industry-wide reputation for altering the way people think about cuisine in a live event setting. 

He serves as an integral member of Sodexo Live!’s Culinary Leadership Network and is a key advisor to the company's executive management team respecting incorporation of local and regional foods in our culinary operations. He provides support and mentorship to his teams and creates a culture that fosters effective teamwork and individual growth, and his passion for the industry shines through his dedication and his desire to always be pushing culinary boundaries to provide unique best-in-class experiences at all the venues he serves. 

Chef Jeff is a graduate of the California Culinary Academy, was nationally recognized in an Ocean Spray recipe contest for his cranberry mojito and has previously cooked for a wide array of major events ranging from multiple Super Bowls to a dinner for former Vice President Al Gore and Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev. He will also be working with the Sodexo Live! culinary team in Paris for the 2024 Olympic Games. He has been with Sodexo Live! since 2016.