Fair Ticket Solutions


Fair Ticket Solutions (FTS) developed the world’s first true identity-based access control platform – authenTICKET ™ that bolts onto all existing ticketing/venue infrastructures and works with ALL ticket formats to increase efficiencies at minimal to no cost thus creating a true walk up – walk in™ experience.

VERIF-iD™ was developed to solve the 3 main impediments to widespread adoption of “Facial Recognition” in live events by a) creating an opt-in / opt-out facial recognition platform that firstly, replaces a person’s face with their voice and secondly, offers multiple new fan experiences.

The two platforms combined, enhance security, control all secondary market transactions, eliminate fraud, provide a person’s true identity, allow any venue partner to access the biometrics, and verify an attendee’s health status prior to the event which is tied to the activation of their ticket.