Kristin Miller

Kristin Miller
Owner/Principal Coach
Inicio Coaching

Kristin Miller is a dynamic certified coach and successful sales professional with over 23 years of experience being a top performer and leading teams of high-achievers. From professional sports teams like the San Francisco Giants and the Portland Trail Blazers to worldwide companies like PepBoys, ServiceNow & AEG, Kristin currently supports women in many high-profile organizations by providing professional and personal development for their female leaders. 

In addition to the inaugural launch of her highly anticipated online program for women in sales called Smarter Not Harder Academy, Kristin co-created and still facilitates a massively successful online learning community for high-achieving women called the Women's Rising Leadership Academy. 

Kristin is an active member of Professional Dimensions and TEMPO Milwaukee, leading women's organizations in the greater Milwaukee area that are dedicated to advocating, elevating, and accelerating leadership by uniting women leaders in the relentless pursuit of better.  Kristin also proudly served on the board of ALSD for many years when she was overseeing suite services for the Milwaukee Brewers. 

Kristin coaches women from all different backgrounds, from a variety of different industries, and at varying points in their careers. Her passion is to provide a-ha moments and applicable tools for women so they are empowered to change their lives and the lives of the people in them.