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Purpose is the fuel of organizational performance, energized by inspired people and championship culture. The gateway to this transformation is leadership. As leaders set the tone for culture, culture sets the tone for people, and people drive our business. To unlock this potential, you’ll need a playbook, and we can help.

Purpose Labs is a full-suite leadership development and culture consultancy that is founded on purpose and driven by impact. We invite you to ‘meet us at the 50’ and engage through our customized coaching programs, training workshops, consulting partnerships, and inspirational keynotes delivered virtually and in person to leadership teams and organizations worldwide.


Paul Epstein
CEO and Founder

About Paul Epstein:

Paul Epstein is an expert in leadership and organizational culture with nearly 15 years of experience as a professional sports executive, leading and coaching business teams in the NFL and NBA, and has since consulted for the largest brands in business and sports. As Founder of Purpose Labs, Paul is on a mission to impact millions of lives by sharing his playbook of ‘Playing Offense’ as an author, keynote speaker, business coach, and leadership trainer. This playbook has been installed with professional sports organizations, Fortune 500 leadership teams, Chief People Officers, and professional athletes, all to live and lead with greater purpose, performance, and impact.

Areas of Expertise:

Public Speaking
Team and Organizational Culture
Inclusive Culture
Purpose-Centered Culture
Purpose-Driven Leadership
High-Performance Teams
Cultivating Grit and Mastering Resilience
Building Trust
Creating Environments of Intrinsic Motivation
Maximizing Talent

Published Book:

The Power of Playing Offense

Paul presented the session entitled “Inspired People, Thriving Organizations, and Championship Culture” at the 2019 ALSD Conference and Tradeshow.