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My job? I don't have “a job.” My passion? Developing our leadership staffs to truly lead, empower, and inspire. Developing our existing salespeople to stop selling tickets. Our sales staffs are the future of our sports teams. It is our responsibility to invest in them.

DON’T SELL TICKETS! That’s why they have apps and box office windows. Instead, create memories for families and businesses. We offer the opportunity for companies to bring aboard new clients. We grant wishes to organizations who need additional support. We offer time away from life to experience a community of people who simply want to enjoy the moment. And this is how we sell!

Highly sought after by teams on retainer, I focus on team assessment, team and individual business strategy, and further developing them in Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Strategy. The goal is to help them understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ to run their own small business for success.


Kathy Burrows
Owner/Chief Energy Officer

About Kathy Burrows:

SOS was created in 2002. Starting her career as a Registered Nurse, Kathy’s last year of nursing school was a year of developing strategy, team building, leadership training, and business management, which she has developed into a program for growing sports teams.

Kathy had a successful career with the Cleveland Indians, where she was responsible for two-thirds of the total ticket revenue brought into the organization. She returned to consult with them for a year and a half, focusing on four departments and helping them increase revenue by more than $6.5M over premium, groups, inside sales, and seasons.

Kathy has assisted teams of all leagues, including a year and a half with MSG and nearly five years with the WNBA. She has helped start teams from the ground up. She focuses on working with teams to take their sales staffs to new levels through strategy and process, as well as leadership workshops to grow and develop young leaders. She unleashes the creative and strategy for teams to be successful in the 2020’s.

Areas of Expertise:

Premium Sales
Ticket Sales
Premium Service
Customer Service
Sponsorships/Corporate Partnerships
Strategy and Process

Training Type:

What is it SOS does that is different? Flexibility! I have an overview that we discuss. Then you tell me where the team needs the most help. I focus on that area as key and create a plan that will help the team in that area. It is most important to me to customize for your needs...we do that in sales. Why not do that in training?

Published Books:

Potato Chip Ticket Sales
Potato Chip Leadership Skills

Kathy has presented to audiences at the ALSD Conference and Tradeshow for more than five years, leading discussions such as Supersizing Groups, Reinventing Our Premium Spaces, Selling Today's Hospitality Spaces, Capturing New Business, How Non-Profits Can Bring Us Business.