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We specialize in and only focus on B2B Sales Development. By the time salespeople are contacting companies, they already know the basic techniques of B2C sales, the “7 Steps”. Our B2B training is about the development of those techniques and understanding of the real business world. Together with a continual focus on adapting to the ever-changing business world with new techniques to maximize sales, our training is taught from the perspective of a salesperson’s talent – what already works for them. For this reason, we keep time in the training room to a minimum, working on real-world practical development in small groups and 121 sessions at desks. We actually pick up the phone to make calls and go out on meetings alongside the salespeople.


Shaun Graham

About Shaun Graham:

Shaun Graham is originally from England and has dual USA/UK citizenship. He has lived in Denver, Colorado for over 20 years. He has over 30 years of sales experience in both professional sports and business, working for companies such as Swinton Investments, IMI International, The Newmor Group, and Cintas, as well as holding VP positions at sports organizations such as the Colorado Rapids, North American Sports Camps (MLS, NFL, and Golden Bear Golf), and Bristol Rugby Club. He has now partnered with over 70 major league teams in North America as well as over 40 in the UK, helping to maximize their B2B sales.

Areas of Expertise:

Premium Sales
Ticket Sales
Premium Service
Guest or Customer Service
Sponsorships/Corporate Partnerships

Training Types:

Shaun backs up everything he does and says personally. So every time you retain Synergy, it will be him personally. He does not send someone else or charge a premium for his “attendance”. All sessions are tailored specifically to the individual team, department, and the experience of the salespeople in attendance. And there is no long-term or multi-year commitments! The salespeople he works with include all levels from rookies through to the ten-plus-year vets through two forms of training:

Eight (8) x One (1) hour sessions, including consultation with management before each session to ensure the required focus areas are covered.

In Office:
Two (2) or Three (3) days within a week, with maximum of one (1) day ever being in a training room.