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Wolves are known by many indigenous people as ‘the teacher’ because so much of our success as a species comes from wolf behavior. Philip Folsom’s unique and critically acclaimed Wolf Tribe leadership and culture development program teaches the ancestral wolf wisdom of coming together to pack-hunt big game for sustainable thriving, resiliency, and purposeful engagement. The Wolf Tribe culture and leadership development system is a combination of engaging online workshops, digital curriculum, and transformational in-person experiences with real wolves.

Wolf Tribe delivers a full range of leadership and culture development programming. We are an industry leader in experiential team development, including ropes courses, leadership retreats, Zen archery, executive off-sites, and programs with real wolves. In addition, Wolf Tribe has a full array of remote virtual programming, including our proprietary four-phase Master Map workshop series and critically acclaimed Wolf Wisdom workshop. These programs include digital curriculum and engaging content and live delivery.


Philip Folsom

About Philip Folsom:

Philip Folsom is an anthropologist, culture development expert, veteran, and CEO of Wolf Tribe. He is also the founder of Valor Resiliency Programs, a critically acclaimed PTSD prevention program for warriors. Philip is known for his unique Tribe workshop that focuses on the primary culture components of building healthy and high-performing teams. His work regularly includes innovative adventure programming such as vision quests, caving, high ropes challenge courses, Zen archery, and workshops with real horses and wolves.

Philip Folsom’s reputation in the team development world is legendary. His in-person events and seminars have dramatically improved the lives of over 500,000 people. His current clients include Microsoft, Apple, Snapchat, Fox Pictures, and Space X. Philip has sat on numerous boards, including Red Bull’s High-Performance Department. His work is regularly featured on television and podcasts. Philip works regularly with groups from USC and is a regular contributor to Marshall School of Business, including the Master of Business for Veterans program. He lives with his wife, daughter, and black lab in Venice, California.

Areas of Expertise:

Human Performance & Potential
Culture Development
Employee Engagement

Philip was a featured speaker at the 2019 ALSD Conference and Tradeshow, where he presented "The Time of the Lone Wolf Is Over: How to Activate the Human Superpower of Collaboration to Hunt Big Game."