Wrigley Field | Beverage Program

With the addition of four new premium clubs and a full renovation of its luxury suite level, the food & beverage program at Wrigley Field is ahead of the game. The beverage program specifically has one vision in mind – “to turn S&E beverage programing on its head”. Gone are any prepackaged mixers and overly sugared cocktails. If another ballpark is doing it already, Wrigley Field doesn't want it. The idea is to create an original, high-end craft cocktail program at Wrigley Field.

The Levy beverage team makes everything in house and executes high volumes at the highest levels. Not only did Levy create a forward thinking beverage program, but the team also introduced a full high-end Tequila/Mezcal program in the Catalina Club, which is a first-of-its-kind in any premium area.

Some of the cocktails receiving high praise at Wrigley Field are: The Cigar Manhattan, Tacos & Caviar, S.S. Avalon, and Soju Citrus.

When it comes to the culinary side, no one matches the Wrigley Field team. Chef David Burns stays ahead of the game, using his talents and analytics to stay relevant. On any given day, guests see items like soft-shell crab sliders with truffle aoli.

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