Conference Schedule

The 32st Annual ALSD Conference and Tradeshow will again include the Design & Build Forum. Three days of education include tours of state-of-the-art sports and entertainment venues, the world's largest premium seating product and service tradeshow, keynote speakers, league meetings for all team and venue types, nearly fifty breakout sessions and roundtables, over 100 speakers, and networking with premium seating professionals in North America and beyond.

The preliminary 2022 schedule is being curated. Below is a look at last year's Conference


ALSD, F&B, Design & Build Forum Keynotes, Breakouts, Tradeshow & Networking

Premium Seating: Sales, Services, Partnerships, Leadership, F&B
Venue Design & Operations: Re-Opening, Design & Construction, Operations, Innovation
Premium sales, customer service, leadership, and communication best practices.


8:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. Exhibitor Set Up


11:00 a.m. Exhibitor Welcome Meeting


1:00 p.m. Board of Advisors Reception 


2:00 p.m. New Attendee Meeting 
3:00 p.m. Keynote Address: Kosha Irby, PBR


3:30 p.m. Creating Allegiant Stadium: Raider Nation’s New Home
General Session
4:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. Opening Night in the Tradeshow 
Sponsored by: Middleby, Drake's Organic Spirits
7:00 p.m. Tour and Reception: Allegiant Stadium, new home of the Las Vegas Raiders
8:45 a.m. 9:30 a.m. All Attendees Breakfast, State of the Industry, and Visionary Award Presentation 

Visionary Award presented to Amy Latimer, president of TD Garden since 2012. She has helped build and reimagine TD Garden, positioning it as one of the highest performing arenas on the continent while also helping lead the transformation of the entire urban neighborhood around TD Garden, inspiring loyalty from her colleagues, partners, and team members at every turn.

8:45 a.m. State of the Industry: Back in the Saddle

With the pandemic riding off into the sunset, our sports venues are back, ready to kick up their heels and strut their stuff. Come hear – in person! – all of the exciting developments that have been occurring. New leagues? New venues? Major trend changes? It’s all unfolding faster than ever. Don’t miss your chance to hit the reset button at the State of the Industry 2021!

Presented by: Rob Hunden, President, Hunden Strategic Partners 

9:15 a.m. Visionary Award Presentation

2021 Recipient: Amy Latimer, President, TD Garden, Chief Growth Officer, Delaware North

9:45 a.m. 12:00 p.m. League Meetings: Morning Session 
For team and venue attendees only. Closed meetings for:
Crowd Intelligence: Can it Help You Drive Revenue per Square Foot?

How are people moving through your venue? Can you adjust staffing to address bottlenecks and excessive lines? Crowd Intelligence software is providing venue operators such as Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, Banc of California Stadium and FiServe Forum/Deer District full-venue transparency and the ability to optimize every square foot of space. Data-to-dashboard analytics make it easy to understand how to staff for optimal security and crowd flow, how to optimize your F&B operation, where to place digital signage based on traffic metrics as well as other uses.

Designing for Utilization

Venue utilization is at an all-time high with events big and small juxtaposing permanent tenant schedules. Consequently, experiential fluidity and venue flexibility are critical, and we need to understand how to achieve both without breaking the bank. Let’s look at case histories and design innovations.

Design Track

Spending Wisely: Venue Economics and Operations 

New builds, major renovations, and standard venue operations all must balance fan experience with financial security and operational budgets. What are venue owners and operators willing to invest in and how can we please all parties involved while staying on budget? Let’s evaluate this and more. 

Design and Financial Track

Unified Theory: Connecting Operational Technologies 

Newsflash: there are countless technologies available for our venues to operate more fluidly and with more pizazz. The quandary is how to figure out which work together and what makeup is best for your venue. This session will outline the options as it relates to existing and new venues. 

Technology Track

Emerging Markets for Venue Development

Don’t look now, but there are myriad opportunities for venue and district development in small, medium, and large markets alike. The trick is determining how to fill the calendar with the right events and achieve outside-the-venue-walls influence and authority. Done right, investing in an entire venue complex can result in an unremitting moneymaker.

Design and Development Track 

High-Tech: Evaluating the Big Pitches

So, you are on the team side and all these high-tech companies are approaching you about things you really don't understand. In this session, we are going to bring in several companies who will "pitch you" with new products. See how others do this and ask the questions you want to know.

Technology Track

12:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. All-Attendee Tradeshow Lunch and Bullseye Meetings
Sponsored by: 49 Degrees
1:30 p.m. 3:45 p.m. League Meetings: Afternoon Session

Continuation of morning agendas.

Roundtable: Infrastructure Investment: Re-Opening Necessities

Covid quite literally rewrote the manual on venue infrastructure, upkeep, re-opening, and operation. Contactless fan engagement, Wi-Fi, frictionless F&B, safety, and more require infrastructure evaluation and potentially investment. Which of the changes are here to stay and justify the investment? Let’s find out. 

Technology and F&B Track

Roundtable: What to Consider when Investing in a Training Center 

Our venues are sanctuaries for our athletes. And training centers are one of the chief venue investments for our athletes these days. This roundtable is designed to discuss the modern necessities and ROI potentials.

Design and Development Track

Activations That Amplify All Stakeholder Desires 

Good activations do three things: amplify a partner’s brand, build revenue potential, and showcase best-in-class fan experiences. Venues are uber creative these days in order to deliver on all three and get fans back in the stands. Achievable activations, as evidenced by case histories, illustrate the needs of all stakeholders in this session.

Design and Technology Track

Players Club: Master Planning Key Contributors 

When master planning, who should have a seat at the table, why, and when? Additionally, in master plans of the past, what does hindsight teach us about future contributors?

Design and Technology Track

Mid-Markets, Major Pizzazz: Venues Getting it Right

Mid-markets create major waves in venue design and utilization. As community hubs, these venues typically overdeliver on multipurpose uses for tenants, events, concerts, family, and school events. Additionally, regionality and creative designs create memorable destinations for patrons and premium clients alike. How do these venues determine what mix of pizzazz and functionality will work best and also meet bottom line and venue utilization objectives? Let’s find out in these case histories.

Design and Development Track

Tech Talk: Discussing the Most Important Innovations

We evaluate which innovations are here to stay and are worth the expenditure. What key technological elements should be considered, and how do certain innovations fit into the overall venue playbook? In this roundtable, let’s discuss biometrics, access control, AR, point of sale, non-fungible token, and much more.

Technology Track

Management in the New Era

How are we leading a new generation of premium staffers, including Millennials, Gen Z, and beyond? How are we adapting to the new flexibility in hours and workspace, and even attitudes of our employees? 2020 broke the old model. Now we build a new one. 

Leadership Track 

Premium Renaissance: New Ways to Market Suites & Clubs

General Session

It’s no secret the premium marketplace is evolving. Per-event suites are common. Buyers are more reliant on exploring options digitally. And resale is allowed (if not encouraged). Premium staffs are responsible for understanding and adapting to these changes. What strategies should your team explore to achieve more efficient per-event and lease businesses.

Summing Up Immersive Experiences

Now more than ever, it’s critical to provide immersive experiences to get fans off the couch and back to our venues. What are those experiences? Moreover, how can those experiences not only enhance the fan journey, but also the venue and team bottom lines. Uncover the blueprints for achieving both. 

General Session

Big Plans for Big Events in Our Venues

Venue utilization is at an all-time high, and that includes ushering in major events to our venues. Utilization and transformation for these big events give way to creative, immersive branding and experiential potential. Moreover, these venues remain flexible in infrastructure and innovation, eying a future uptick in venue patronage. As events big and small take effort and finesse, to utilize a venue well is a 365-day-a-year effort. Let’s look at some of the premium venues holding all types of events and how they dress the part of chameleons to satisfy the evolving event needs. 

How to Monetize Your Database and Increase Lead Generation Effectively
Finding new leads is one of the most popular and scrutinized topics for ALSD members. Post COVID, opportunities abound! This session will outline tapping into the unprecedented spend by the uber-wealthy and recalibrating existing suite and ticket holder databases to identify who are your most profitable prospects.
Unwrapping Opportunities: Gifting, Engagement, and Experiences in 2021 and Beyond
Lately, creativity is the name of the game if we want to stay close to our customers. What's emerging as best in class opportunities to make our clients feel valued? Are live experiences, suite holder trips back? Are exclusive gifts more fitting for now? What do our clients appreciate most, and what's within budget? Let's explore these questions and more in a roundtable setting led by teams, gifting specialists, and a psychological specialist for an interactive roundtable.
11:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. Bullseye Meetings



Doing More with Less – Re-Inventing Traditional Outbound Ticket Sales

If the pandemic taught our industry anything, it’s that “Business As Usual” is no more.  Universities and Pro teams alike are faced with the need to drive revenue at pre-pandemic levels but with more conservative budgets and limited resources. This reality is changing the way organizations think about selling tickets, underscoring the need to rely more on making leaner staffs more productive.

Maximize Fan Engagement at Your Venue

Looking for creative ways to engage with sports and entertainment fans? Founded in 1985, Britten, Inc. is a creative production house and leading fabricator of 3D foam sculptures and BoxPop® custom shipping containers. Top sports teams and Fortune 500 companies are using Britten’s Foam3D™ sculpting capabilities to produce giant foam letters, live-sized product props, team mascots, and selfie-signs for viral social media shares.

Optimizing the Value & Efficiency of Your Luxury Suite Operation
Luxury Suites are a strategic part of the revenue mix for stadia & arenas now more than ever. With venue capacities rebounding from COVID-19, ensuring that your luxury suites continue to be a valuable asset to suite owners (or lessees) and an ongoing revenue stream for venues (or teams) is a top priority. Within this session, Ungerboeck will focus on how an encompassing solution will allow you to not only optimize the luxury suite experience for your patrons, but also leverage a single platform so that multiple organizational departments can work more efficiently.
Smarter Suite Sales Business: How Teams Use Technology to Grow Revenue, Sell Rentals at Scale
We live in a world where octogenarians order their groceries online and millennials buy homes without ever stepping foot inside. The premium seating industry has been a laggard in embracing technology to sell suites but we are rapidly catching up. Learn how teams are refocusing their single-event suites strategy by taking a customer-first approach to the buying process. Hear from the Detroit Lions (NFL) and San Antonio Spurs (NBA) on tactics for establishing a stronger digital sales presence while streamlining operations. 
Take Premium Seating to Sold Out Status using Inventory Distribution

A Premium Seating program is a core component of each venue and is responsible for delivering crucial attendance and revenue goals. In this session, industry experts discuss how primary rights-holders partner with distribution companies to increase marketing, drive more revenue per seat and sell out premium areas of their building. In addition, hear tips on how these companies can prepare venues with actionable insight and data to ensure new areas or premium offerings opening within the building are priced and marketed correctly to consumers.

We Start Where Others Stop™: Guest Experience and Service Excellence Post-Pandemic

Sharing her own personal experiences as a clinician and survivor of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ashley Romano, Chief Experience Officer of CareRite Centers, will be discussing and highlighting how to ensure a positive and memorable guest experience for those that we serve throughout a challenging wellness climate.

11:30 a.m. 1:00 p.m. All-Attendee Tradeshow Lunch and Bullseye Meetings


Coming Attractions: What’s New in the Industry’s Newest Venues?

Don’t look now, but the industry is unveiling several spectacular new builds and massive renovations. What makes them special, and how are they preparing for future flexibility? Moreover, what’s the identity proposition as more buildings usher in more major events and even tenants. We’re bullish on venues being utilized more frequently and more creatively, and these venues can show us why and how. 

General Session

Designing for Service: High Touch in a High-Tech World

Has customer service been recently redefined? We think so. In an era where high tech can lead to a personalized, efficient experience, it’s high touch that sets service apart. How can we achieve that in today’s venue landscape and what does all of it mean for venue design as well as the training of our personnel? Let’s explore this topic holistically.  

General Session

Ticketing 2.0 - How Digital-First Sales Teams are Exceeding Post-Pandemic Numbers

Looking to boost productivity, increase fan engagement and exceed post-pandemic numbers? Our panel, including leaders from Microsoft, The LA Clippers, and Houston Dynamo share best practices, emerging trends, sales strategies, and tactics around the ways they leverage an omnichannel sales approach to increase engagement and accelerate sales post-covid.

General Session

Culture: Leadership’s Companion

It’s a classic chicken- and- egg scenario. Which comes first: culture or leadership? Let’s uncover how to achieve both synchronously and why they affect one another so deeply. Let’s also discuss how employees respond to cultural layers of their organizations and leaders.

General Session

Leveraging the Value of Premium and Partnerships

How do we quantify and explain the value of premium and partnership purchases to our clients? Moreover, does patronage of premium seating increase the value of partnerships within venue confines and visa versa? Lastly, what are our clients desiring in a premium purchase today and how do we deliver? Let’s unpack all this and more.

General Session

Pockets of Revenue

Done right, maximizing every square foot of our venues can lead to many opportunities for revenue enhancement to accompany an enhanced fan journey. Finding the right spots for F&B outlets, premium and social clubs, and sponsor activation areas can be an art, while also a science for incremental and amplified revenues. 

General Session

Getting Our Customers Back

Does your book of business look a little different now? Are you focused more on new business or incentivizing former clients to return? Whatever your situation, let’s explore your strategies and tools to get clients back to yes.

Sales Track

Spending Wisely: The Transformation in Ticket Utilization 

Your clients survived a year without sports. Proving the necessity of their assets will now be harder than ever. Make sure you know the most recent, ever-changing ticket utilization tendencies, as well as how to showcase ROI and venue safety.

Service Track

What Does the New Premium Really Look Like?

Premium used to mean seclusion in exclusive spaces. Of late though (pre-Covid), clients want to meet one another and network in communal clubs and lounges. Moreover, more movement encourages more spending. With so much fluidity for in-venue desires, where will premium land on our venue maps? 

Design Track

Tech Tools to Enhance Sales and Service

Technology includes business intelligence tools which help our staffs uncover the so what of their clients’ behaviors. Understanding the data available helps teams enhance prospects’ and clients’ journeys and buying decisions. In this interactive session, we will discuss what data is the most important and which elements might differ by market type and size.

Tech Track

Technology that Makes Ticketing, F&B, and More Easier

Saying 2020 upset the applecart is an understatement. But all is not spoiled, as new technology is making ticketing, staffing, F&B, and inventory more efficient and much more easily analyzed. This session will explore the most relevant ticketing technologies that affect F&B and many other areas of venue operations.

Hospitality Track

Commitment to Becoming the Most Diverse & Inclusive Places to Work

In the age of 24-hour news cycles, how and why should we keep the conversation going about the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in our workplace? Please join Tony Garrett, SVP of The Aspire Group, for an interactive discussion on how organizations are driving change, and the benefits of committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion to collectively move the conversation forward.

Leadership Track

Emerging Technologies to Enhance the Fan Journey 

Teams and venues are adopting and investing in technologies to amplify the frictionless experience and enhance revenues. Which technologies are working, and more importantly are worth the investment? Let’s explore the most effective and efficient tech for F&B, premium, and operations in this session.  

Service and Technology Track

F&B is Key in Retention

F&B has always been a pillar of great experiences at a sports venue. With the changes that 2020 brought about, we need to understand even more acutely how the F&B experience can impact retention. What packaging and presentations are working best? And which aren’t? Let’s find out. 

Hospitality Track

How Vulnerability Liberates Leaders and Those They Lead

As the one in charge, you need your team to trust you. Yet they want you to trust them. So who goes first? Leaders do! In this session, we will set aside words like “vision” and “mission” to establish the actionable skills any successful leader must develop to consistently motivate and inspire a team. How can you better lead, regardless of your title or tenure? Where do you start? How do you signal that this is a culture of safety, success, potential, and promise? Vulnerability doesn’t mean wimpy, and openness doesn’t mean complete transparency.

The New Premium Experience

What premium services and experiences changed last year? And how did we adapt? Is virtual hospitality here to stay? Or  will we get back to the networking and client trips of old. Moreover, are we engaging clients in new premium areas fit for socialization and networking? Let’s get these questions and more answered in an interactive session. 

Sales and Service Track

What’s Right for Your Club: Business Alliances and Membership Clubs 

Business and membership clubs create assets that build loyalty and enhance networking opportunities. Is a membership club right for your club? Or do you offer plenty of benefits without a moniker? This session will explore the most valuable benefits for clients and what has led to more client retention. 

Sales and Service Track

Now What: Contractual Accommodations That Worked

Abatements, roll overs, make goods, discounts, or some variation of all were the norm in 2020 and 2021. What was the most useful language in your contracts? And what gave your clients the confidence to resign or renew?

Sales Track

Placing a Premium on Health and Wellness

Stressed is a state-of-mind for too many in the sports industry. Competition, pressure to perform, and hours all add up. And we aren't talking about the athletes. Premium and venue leaders are met regularly with anxiety and even distress, and just not at work. Pile on a pandemic, and for some it's just about too much. How do we get back to equilibrium? Moreover, do we normalize and embrace the mental health conversation in our workplace? We must lean in to the very real discussion, and also learn how to help ourselves and others.

Leadership Track

Smaller Premium Products, Bigger Opportunities 

Premium is hardly one-size-fits-all anymore. How do designers and team leaders decide what premium pivots make the most sense, and which lead to the best bottom line and meet client desires?

Design Track