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- Premium Seating: Sales, Services, Analytics, Buyers, Partnerships
- Venue Design & Operations: Re-Opening, Design & Construction, Operations, Innovation



8:00 a.m. 3:30 p.m. Exhibitor Set Up


1:00 p.m. Board of Advisors Reception 
2:30 p.m. New Attendee Meeting 
3:30 p.m. Opening Keynote 
4:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. Opening Night in the Tradeshow 
7:00 p.m. Buses Depart for Venue Tour 
8:45 a.m. State of the Industry: A Year in Review and How to Move Forward

Presented by: Rob Hunden, President, Hunden Strategic Partners 

9:15 a.m. Visionary Award Presentation

2021 Recipient: Amy Latimer, President, TD Garden

9:45 a.m. 12:00 p.m. League Meetings: Morning Session 

For team and venue attendees only. Closed meetings for:

  • NFL 
  • MLB
  • NBA 
  • NHL
  • MLS/Soccer 
  • College & University
  • Events, Racing, Minor Leagues, and Tennis 
Reevaluating Venue Development

Certain venue development conversations ebb while others flow. With revenue recovery and immersive fan experiences inside and outside the venue at the forefront of many decisions, how do we look at our business strategies in the short- and long-term? Moreover, how can we design holistic venue districts that deliver on the overall business strategy?

Design Track

How Intelligent Is Your Crowd Intelligence? 

Tracking people and activity at our venues is here to stay and will enrich both the customer experience and venue efficiencies. How we best capture the data and what we do with it however are still fluid discussions, especially considering the many solutions at our fingertips. In this session, we better understand the opportunities.

Technology Track

The Economics of Venue Operations 

In order for our buildings to become viable again, we have to balance fan experience with financial security and operational budgets. What are venue owners and operators willing to invest in? And what is the capacity breakeven point that justifies opening the building?

Design and Financial Track

Unified Theory: Connecting Operational Technologies 

Newsflash: there are countless technologies available for our venues to operate more fluidly and with more pizazz. The quandary is how to figure out which work together and what makeup is best for your venue. This session will outline the options as it relates to existing and new venues. 

Technology Track

Emerging Markets for Venue Development

Don’t look now, but there are myriad opportunities for venue and district development in small, medium, and large markets alike. The trick is determining how to fill the calendar with the right events and achieve outside-the-venue-walls influence and authority. Done right, investing in an entire venue complex can result in an unremitting moneymaker.

Design and Development Track 

Activations That Amplify All Stakeholder Desires 

Good activations do three things: amplify a partner’s brand, build revenue potential, and showcase best-in-class fan experiences. Venues are uber creative these days in order to deliver on all three and get fans back in the stands. Achievable activations, as evidenced by case histories, illustrate the needs of all stakeholders in this session.

Design and Technology Track

12:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. All-Attendee Lunch and Bullseye Meetings
1:30 p.m. 4:00 p.m. League Meetings: Afternoon Session


Roundtable: What to Consider when Investing in a Training Center 

Our venues are sanctuaries for our athletes. And training centers are one of the chief venue investments for our athletes these days. This roundtable is designed to discuss the modern necessities and ROI potentials.

Design and Development Track

Roundtable: Infrastructure Investment: Re-Opening Necessities

Covid quite literally rewrote the manual on venue infrastructure, upkeep, re-opening, and operation. Contactless fan engagement, Wi-Fi, frictionless F&B, and more require infrastructure evaluation and potentially investment. Which of the changes are here to stay and justify the investment? Let’s find out. 

Technology and F&B Track

Roundtable: Does Luxury Drive Design or Does Design Drive Luxury? 

How do we define luxury in sports? Do we design it? Or does it exist, and we design with existing cues from outside of sports in mind? Similarly, what brands have significantly pushed the luxury envelope and set the bar for our client’s attention?

Design Track

Players Club: Master Planning Key Contributors 

When master planning, who should have a seat at the table, why, and when? Additionally, in master plans of the past, what does hindsight teach us about future contributors?

Design and Technology Track

Roundtable: Interiors and Installations: Deciding What’s Right for Your Venue

It’s both an art and a science to determine how to outfit your venue, and within what budget. While the latter is usually the deepest dive in the process, picking the right aesthetic suitors is just as important. Uncover how to achieve a tasteful balance.

Design and Development Track

Tech Talk: This Year’s Most Significant Innovations

We evaluate which innovations are here to stay and are worth the expenditure. What key technological elements should be considered, and how do certain innovations fit into the overall venue playbook? Let’s look at biometrics, access control, AR, point of sale, and even non-fungible token. 

Technology Track

4:30 p.m. 5:15 p.m. Creating Allegiant: Raider Nation’s New Home 

General Session

5:30 p.m. Buses Depart for Venue Tour


The New Playbook for Presenting Premium

General Session

It’s no secret the premium marketplace is evolving. Per-event suites are common. Buyers are more reliant on exploring options digitally. And resale is allowed (if not encouraged). Premium staffs are responsible for understanding and adapting to these changes. What strategies should your team explore to achieve more efficient per-event and lease businesses.

Summing Up Immersive Experiences

General Session

Now more than ever, it’s critical to provide immersive experiences to get fans off the couch and back to our venues. What are those experiences? Moreover, how can those experiences not only enhance the fan journey, but also the venue and team bottom lines. Uncover the blueprints for achieving both. 

Management in the New Era

Leadership Track 

How are we leading a new generation of premium staffers, including Millennials, Gen Z, and beyond? How are we adapting to the new flexibility in hours and workspace, and even attitudes of our employees? 2020 broke the old model. Now we build a new one. 

Intent to Engage: Next Gen Lead Gen
Finding new leads is one of the most popular and scrutinized topics for ALSD members. Let’s uncover where to look and what demographic data tells us. The premium marketplace is shifting and thus its buyer market is as well. More per-event sales, flex plans, and partials lead to more corporations and individuals with the ability and interest to buy
Unwrapping New Rules: Gifting and Experiences in 2021
Our industry was dealt a losing hand this past year. However, new ways to stay close to our clients emerged, and fresh, fun experiences and gifts created lasting memories. Let’s discuss what we learned, what were some of the most appreciated gestures of the year, what new budgets allow, and how we can surprise and delight anew. Join teams, gifting specialists, and a psychological specialist for an interactive roundtable. 
Culture: Leadership’s Companion
It’s a classic chicken-and-egg scenario. Which comes first: culture or leadership? Let’s uncover how to achieve both synchronously and why they affect one another so deeply. Let’s also discuss how employees respond to cultural layers of their organizations and leaders.
11:00 a.m. 11:30 a.m. Solution Sessions


11:00 a.m. 11:30 a.m. Bullseye Meetings



11:30 a.m. 1:00 p.m. All-Attendee Lunch and Bullseye Meetings



Designing for Service: The New Blueprint 

Renewed client desires include safety and redefined customer service. What does all of it mean for venue design? And how can it be achieved as fans are already entering our buildings? Renovations and new builds are long-term plays with short- and long-term implications. Plan properly by letting service lead the way. 

General Session

Redefining How Enterprises View Revenue Engagement

Discover how business, prospecting, and communication are planned, tracked, and optimized to enhance your customers’ journeys. Moreover, understand how teams can grow their pipelines, enhance revenue, and strengthen customer relationships simultaneously.

General Session

Getting Our Customers Back

Does your book of business look a little different now? Are you focused more on new business or incentivizing former clients to return? Whatever your situation, let’s explore your strategies and tools to get clients back to yes.

Sales Track

Spending Wisely: The Transformation in Ticket Utilization 

Your clients survived a year without sports. Proving the necessity of their assets will now be harder than ever. Make sure you know the most recent, ever-changing ticket utilization tendencies, as well as how to showcase ROI and venue safety.

Service Track


What Does the New Premium Really Look Like?

Premium used to mean seclusion in exclusive spaces. Of late though (pre-Covid), clients want to meet one another and network in communal clubs and lounges. Moreover, more movement encourages more spending. With so much fluidity for in-venue desires, where will premium land on our venue maps? 

Design Track

Tech Tools to Enhance Sales and Service

Technology includes business intelligence tools which help our staffs uncover the so what of their clients’ behaviors. Understanding the data available helps teams enhance prospects’ and clients’ journeys and buying decisions. In this interactive session, we will discuss what data is the most important and which elements might differ by market type and size.

Tech Track

Food for Thought: Technology That Makes F&B Easier

Saying 2020 upset the applecart is an understatement. But all is not spoiled, as new technology is making inventory, staffing, and serving more efficient and much more easily analyzed. Join this session to talk about the most relevant technologies in F&B. 

Hospitality Track

Inclusive Leadership

If you’re committed to driving change in future hiring practices, this session is for you. Leaders will understand conscious and unconscious biases, potential language insufficiencies, and accountability from leadership to employee. 

Leadership Track

What’s Right for Your Club: Business Alliances and Membership Clubs 

Business and membership clubs create assets that build loyalty and enhance networking opportunities. Is a membership club right for your club? Or do you offer plenty of benefits without a moniker? This session will explore the most valuable benefits for clients and what has led to more client retention. 

Sales and Service Track

The New Premium Experience

What premium services changed last year? And how did we adapt? Is virtual hospitality here to stay? Or will we get back to the networking and client trips of old? Let’s get these questions and more answered in an interactive session.

Service Track

How Client Confidence Impacts Venue Design

Avid and casual fans have different attitudes on returning to sporting events. How do we please them all? And what does it mean for design? This session will look at health and safety in perpetuity, funding bullishness, investment in ancillary, outside-the-venue-walls areas, as well as ingress and egress. 

Design Track

Just Walk Out: Tech’s New Trend

Got a mobile device on your person? You may not even need to get it out when you leave the checkout at your stadium or arena. Many teams and venues now adopt “Just Walk Out” technology to amplify the frictionless experience. How does it work? And what will it take to make it happen on your concourses? Additionally, will premium areas offer the same experience?

Tech and Hospitality Track

How Tech will Affect Revenue and Staffing 

The hourly labor pool dwindled when Covid locked the doors to sports and entertainment venues. With doors closed, F&B companies and venues researched how technology could take on some tasks formerly assigned to staff. What are some of these technology innovations, how will they increase or decrease head count as well as per caps, and what data is there to prove staffing shifts are firm for the future?

Hospitality Track

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders and Their Staffs

Emotional intelligence is defined as the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. Is there a more necessary skill to hone than this one in premium, and especially by premium leaders? Join this session to find out and improve your EI acumen.

Leadership Track

Now What: Contractual Accommodations That Worked

Abatements, roll overs, make goods, discounts, or some variation of all were the norm in 2020 and 2021. What was the most useful language in your contracts? And what gave your clients the confidence to resign or renew?

Sales Track

(Re)training Talent:  How Premium Staffing Evolved

Staffs across the industry were affected by Covid. Now that we are putting all the pieces back in place, how are we onboarding new and existing staff with the underpinning of new rules and local provisions? Further, are the changes that happened within our premium staffs here to stay?

Service Track

Smaller Premium Products, Bigger Opportunities 

Premium is hardly one-size-fits-all anymore. How do designers and team leaders decide what premium pivots make the most sense, and which lead to the best bottom line and meet client desires?

Design Track

Making the Most of Mobile

We know everything is mobile now. However, we need to evaluate how readily used all mobile elements of the venue experience are, and what clients view as shortcomings of the experiences. Adoption is key, and education is part of that process.

Tech Track

F&B is Key in Retention

F&B has always been a pillar of great experiences at a sports venue. With the changes that 2020 brought about, we need to understand even more acutely how the F&B experience can impact retention. What packaging and presentations are working best? And which aren’t? Let’s find out. 

Hospitality Track

Becoming a Best-in-Class Premium Seating Sales and Service Leader

Discover the silver bullet for achieving best-in-class premium leadership. Bring your “best boss” stories to the table, and have some fun uncovering what makes your team tick!

Leadership Track